AOC DELL HP Monitor input not supported on DVR

input not supportedinput not supportedinput not supported


input not supportedThis happens on DVR ( digital video recorder) when a wrong input is selected on the DVR.


1. Most HD-SDI DVR has HDMI selected as default, if you not using the HDMI cable to connect the DVR and the monitor, this error will happen.

First thought will be to check the setting on the monitor itself, trying different setting to turn it of, but it will not disappear, until you go to the DVR setting and change the setting for the monitor to VGA.

2. Changing the resolution to high if your monitor can support it. If your monitor does not support resolution more than 1024 x 768 and you change the resolution of your DVR higher , you will see the pictures any more, the whole screen will turn black. If this happens you will think the DVR or the monitor has gone bad.When you will test the DVR with a newer monitor which can support the resolution, you will see the pictures again. This does not mean the other monitor has gone bad, you just have to set the DVR to a lower resolution to use the old monitor.

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