Panoramic Security Camera Video Surveillance- fisheye security camera


Panoramic Security Camera Video Surveillance- fisheye security fisheye security cameraPanoramic or fisheye security camera- does not have any blind spots, all angels are covered and recorded at the same time.

Like you see in the picture above the camera is covering 360 degree just like a fish eye, with this camera one can click on any part of the picture to view that area in normal view. Geovision makes 2 models of fisheye camera and they both very popular. Vivotek, Acti and many other make similar camera, click on this link to shop

Many businesses are using some sort of video surveillance for protection against theft. Most companies have made use of a number of static/fixed cameras placed at planned spots around the business to provide them with video surveillance of particular areas, especially the entrances. These cameras can transfer the pictures/images that they capture, but as they are fixed often mean that only a portion of the picture is actually captured. Today, with advanced technology, the new panoramic video surveillance cameras are ready to capture the market of video surveillance with better functionality and lower costs. Unlike the 360-degree PTZ security cameras, which capture everything in its peripheral field, the panoramic security camera system includes the entire view of the area being captured by fixed cameras.

panoramic security cameraPanoramic Security Camera System – Recognize Objects In Order Of Their Importance

With the panoramic security camera system, you can program it to recognize objects in order of their importance, often in four spots based on your personal requirement. These four spots may be something based on four levels:

  1. Lowest level being the spots which can be ignored
  2. Secondary level may be considered for normal spot/area
  3. Third level may be considered for attention seeking spots
  4. Highest level to be considered for high alert spot/area. It is usually based on alarm mode/sensitive spot in your business area.

These levels allow the intelligent processors built in the panoramic security camera system to track the moving stuffs of the alarm mode spot with the highest priority. As it will focus on the highest priority spot, it is helpful to use it in an area such as an individual entrance. It will track the open spaces with higher efficiency and effectiveness and will alert you for actions of high priority.

Panoramic Security Camera System Benefits

panoramic security camera The benefits of installing panoramic security camera system are many such as:

  • The cost price for installing one or two panoramic surveillance units is low as compared to multiple fixed/stationery security cameras.
  • To cover a wide area, you will need less number of panoramic units, while you will need 5 to 6 stationery/fixed cameras to cover the same area.
  • With stationery cameras, there is a chance of operator error, especially if you have security camera that has function of adjusting the field of view.
  • In addition, panoramic video surveillance system resolutions are designed to be high.
  • Panoramic video surveillance system requires less maintenance, which further reduces your costs as compared to maintenance of 5 to 8 stationery security ca