Covert Security Cameras | Why Are They So Popular


When it comes to acknowledge the fact about how successful or popular any product is there’s only one criterion that is how well is the sale of the product? We live in a capitalistic system of economy, where a sale of a product is considered superior to anything else. If the product doesn’t have a good popularity, it doesn’t have a good sale. Well, we all know that this is how our system works. If the product is genuine and reasonably priced along with its requirement, it’ll be popular. Covert security cameras or hidden security cameras are a true example of that. Other forms of surveillance are quite known too but security systems with covert cameras are extremely popular.

Why Covert Security Cameras?

covert security cameras
Covert Security Cameras In Clocks

Covert security cameras were initially used by the government to track people doing things which are illegal or unethical. But, with the advent of technology in the wireless cameras, these cameras have gained a high popularity among the general public. The main reason behind it is their affordability in price and is easy in operation. There is no other way that is so dominant in a courtroom proceeding as evidence or as a recorded video of what really happened.

Covert Security Cameras – Access Them From Anywhere

Covert Security CamerasWe live in a modern age and no longer are these covert security cameras system is used for spy or military operations. They are affordable and you can hook them to your home network system directly with ease. Maybe you suspect that an employee working in your business is not so honest. You can easily purchase a wall clock with embedded covert security camera. It usually comes with a remote view feature and a plug & play device. This wall clock can be accessed from anywhere, whether it’s one of your smartphones or tablets. Usually such cameras are priced between the ranges of $300 to $400. However, if you are looking for a smaller version of covert security cameras, then you can buy a Fingercam. You can put it on your wallet, handbag or even on your body and attach it to any recording device.

Covert Security CamerasFeature Of Covert Security Cameras

You can find varieties of covert security cameras with all the advanced features depending upon the model you purchase. Few common features that a Pixim sensor Covert Camera consists of are:

  • 700 TV lines resolution
  • 1/3″ Pixim “Seawolf” sensor
  • 3.7mm pinhole lens
  • Wide dynamic range(120db)
  • 3D noise reduction (3DNR)
  • Built in multi-language OSD
  • DC 12V  +/- 10% input
  • 620 TVL : Razor sharp high resolution

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