xfinity modem port forwarding–Xfinity default user name and password


xfinity modem port forwarding Xfinity default user name and password

xfinity modemxfinity modem port forwardingxfinity modem port forwardingxfinity modem port forwardingxfinity modem port forwarding

The default gateway for Xfinity router/modem is, type this on the address bar  of your browser explorer, Firefox  or chrome. When the new window opens type the user name- admin and password-password.

Find the firewall option and go to advance and open the ports need by your device, apply the setting and save them.

You can test the port by using free services from or  or To check you public IP address. Most DVR’s bought from  starting with model  LTD, ED or DVR they all work with new app called broview, superlivepro or supercam pro.

Some apps for eyemax  dvr are I smart viewer.

xfinity modem port forwarding

After doing the port forwarding it is advised to check the box says use the following ip address or uncheck the box says obtain ip address automatically. It might also enable or disable DHCP. This is essential to do because the IP will change when modem/router is rebooted. When this happens all the forwarding will be point to the new IP address obtained by the DVR. In another words,  the remote viewing will stop working.

If  static IP is not provided by the ISP,  (internet service provider) then host name must be created. Go to to learn more about this