Do it yourself CCTV ?? Which DVR ? How many cameras?


Do it yourself CCTV ?? Which DVR ? How many cameras?do it yourself cctv

If you want to do this yourself or even buy products yourself, you need to ask yourself this questions—

1. What kind of DVR?

Options- D1, CIF, 960H, HD-SDI,

2. How many frames per seconds (fps) recording

Answer– More frame rate is better, 30 fps is max on each channel

3. How many channels or video input?

Answer– It always a good idea to buy more channels then you need, they come in 4,8,9,16,24,32

4. How much storage or hard drive? what kind?

Answer- It is a good idea to buy more hard drive, because the price difference between 1 TB ,2 TB and 3 TB is not much. If it is 16.24 or 32 channel DVR install for than 1 hard drive, because if 1 fails others are still recording.

On DVR’s  A/V ( audio video) drive must be used, low RPM like 5900, high RPM drives will go bad faster. Seagate and western digital both make A/V drives for recording

5. What kind of cameras ?

Answer-This depend on the individual situation, Indoor or outdoor? do you need infra red? how far you need to see in the dark ? do you need vandal proof cameras ?

6. Cables ?

Answer-  Premade cables are available, wiring can also be done with cat 5  cable with baluns