Home security camera systems

Home security cameras have become popular over the last few years. These home security camera systems provide customers with the ability to record exactly what happens at their home and protect their property from vandalism and theft. However, this is only the basic features of a home security camera system. When selecting a camera system, you should be looking to find out what the advanced features of the system are, so that you can select a system that will grow with you and give additional peace of mind and protection.

Some PC-Based home security camera systems and standalone DVR systems provide the ability to record from your cameras, and also remotely view over the internet. These systems connect to a DSL or Cable internet connection and provide the ability to view your cameras over the internet. Depending on the type of system, it may view directly through an internet explorer web browser, or it may have a remote client software that installs to allow remote viewing and playback. Remotely viewing your home security cameras provides you with the ability to always know what is happening at your home, so that you can have peace of mind that everything is ok. Remotely viewing cameras from a PC is becoming a more common feature of home security camera systems.

A few more advanced
like our Alnet PC-Based DVR Systems and H.264 standalone DVR systems provide advanced remote viewing features that will even allow you to remotely record video to a PC over the internet. With these features, you can keep a backup of your video on another PC over the internet, so that if someone were to steal the DVR or DVR PC from your home, you would still have a copy of the video on an off-site location.

Beyond remote recording capabilities, a few home security camera systems also provide the ability to remotely view your security cameras from a PDA phone or even iPhone. There are two different types of remote viewing from an iPhone that may be available from your surveillance system. The first and most basic type of remote viewing from an iPhone is a web based application. This type of viewing uses the web browser and can give a basic view of what is happening on your cameras. It loads a JPG image from the cameras and then can refresh the page to update the image up to 1 time per second. With this remote viewing, you can view up to 4 cameras at a time, and is most popular with standalone DVR systems. The second, and more advanced remote viewing from an iPhone is an application that was designed specifically to communicate with your PC-Based DVR system. This type of system is more full-featured and can provide streaming live video, control of PTZ cameras, control of digital inputs and outputs, playback of pre-recorded video and even saving snapshots right onto your phone. These Alnet PC based systems provide the best features and functionality for iPhone users, and also have clients applications for other PDA phones like Android phones, Windows Mobile Phones, Blackberry phones and more.