Category 5e versus Category 6 Ethernet Cable ,Cat5e VS Cat6


Category 5e versus Category 6 Ethernet Cable ,Cat5e VS Cat6

cat5e vs cat6The main difference is Cat6 can transfer data faster then Cat5e. The reason is the twist on the pair of cables and also the plastic separator in cat6.

What is the thread for in both Cat5e and Cat6 cable?

The thread is to strip the jacket, when using  a tool to strip the cable, chances are you might nick the cable also. If you use the thread and then cut the jacket of . You will have a better connector, try not to untwist too much cable, this will cause reduced data transfer speed.

Both this network cable are important part of any networking. If this is not done correctly, you might have a problem. Cat5e is very common and is cheaper.

What is Plenum cable?

Plenum cable is required when running cables outdoors or through ducts. It does not produce toxic gases in case of fires. Plenum cable is usually very expensive.

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