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Analog vs. CVI-SDI vs HD-SDI vs IP Cameras Security Cameras

analog cameras vs ip cameras


4 Diff types of CCTV cameras

  1. Analog
  2. CVI-SDI
  3. HD-SDI




Analog Cameras – attached VCRs, DVRs, Quod, Multiplexer, and sometimes they are plugged straight to the monitors. One can watch the live feed coming from the cameras on a

Monitor if a DVR is installed, it can be also recorded on a hard drive. The days of the data saved will depend on the size of the hard drive.  Higher the hard disk space, the more data will be saved.

Examples of uses of Analog cameras are: Hospitals, homes, schools, shopping malls, etc.


CVI-SDI – CVI is completely new technology in the market. It is the cost effective version of HD-SDI. It has higher quality than analog cameras, almost comparable to the HD-SDIs.

Pros- One can use the coaxial cables.

Cons-720p compared to 1080p on HD-SDI.


HD-SDI – These Cameras produce pictures at high HD Quality starting from 1.3 mp to 3 mp. Display is 1080p.

Pros- Does not slow-down the network like IP cameras.

Cons- Higher price than  Analog Cameras.


IP Cameras – These cameras are usually installed on a network a dedicated PC or a NVR is used to record the data. A POE switch is required sometimes. Some NVRs have built-in a POE switch.

Pros- Higher Quality Picture

Cons- Slows down the network. Not recommended for slow internet connection.