Bullet Cameras are of different types and all of them can be used indoors or outdoors – the need of additional hardware. Not even a wall mount is included in the additional hardware. They are majorly called so because they are shaped like a bullet that is used with a gun. They come with a variation of the box camera that is built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure. Their attractive and perfect design makes them more popular than dome or spy cameras. Their attractive pricing also makes them extremely affordable.




Bullet cameras vary in sizes. There are those that are discreet, compact and small. There are also those with a high-resolution color and some that are simply black and white. Some of them are also particularly ideal for the day and night outdoor surveillance. This is mostly applied to the infrared bullet cameras. There are also indoor and outdoor bullet cameras. The outdoor bullet camera lets you monitor an area 24 hours a day. There are bullet cameras that are mounted outside. These cameras should be of weatherproof housing and of high performance.




The various types of Bullet Camerasinclude the D-link DCS-7110 Bullet IP camera, the D-link DCS-7413 Outdoor Bullet IP camera, the D-link DCS- 7513 Full HD WDR Day & Night Outdoor Bullet Camera and the DCS-7010L HD Mini Bullet Outdoor Camera. All these bullet cameras have various features that make them most efficient in their functions. Some of them use 1 or 2 high sensitivity megapixel WDR sensor. This helps to deliver a quality video under a wide range of lighting conditions.




To begin with, the D-Link DCS -7413 Outdoor Bullet IP Camera has a exceptionally high resolution power. It is particularly suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. This is majorly because of the Fixed Bullet Camera with IR LED that has a high-definition professional surveillance. It is also perfect for security solutions. The D-Link DCS-7513 Full HD WDR Day & Night Outdoor Bullet Camera also has the same features as the D-Link DCS-7413 Outdoor Camera. Both of them also produce a quality video that has been recorded under a wide range of lighting conditions.




The D-Link DCS-7110 Outdoor Bullet Camerais preferable for remote monitoring over the internet. It has a built-in IR LEDS. It delivers megapixel images under any lighting conditions, and it is also weather resistant. All these are made possible progressive CMOS sensor and an ICR technology in the built-in IR LEDS. The DCS-7010L HD Mini Bullet Outdoor Camera enables you to monitor an area 24 hours a day because of its cloud-enabled IP Surveillance.




These bullet cameras are not easy to notice and can surprise burglars who have been videotaped. There are several places that they can be placed without being noticed. These include a fence post, a wall or even in a tree and many other hidden places. Most of them have a mounting bracket and a sun shield. This makes it possible for them to be mounted to the ceiling or wall.