Install security cameras at your home and save your life.

Crime is on the rise or falling does not matter, you live in a upscale neighborhood where the value of home is 1 million or more, you have guns, you are black belt karate does not matter it is always a good idea to install cameras at your property.
hd sdi cameras

1. What you got to lose?  give me one example why not.
2. You hear a noise or you just want to check on your backyard, cameras can help you  watch the surrounding of you house, someone could be out there trying to break in or harm you. If you have cameras you can see what is going on outside. It helps you make an educated decision before you try to be “Dirty Harry” , ”Jackie Chan” or ” Dr. Deepak Chopra” ( no disrespect to any of them ).

Here is a  story – a doctor lived in a nice Manson, in very nice neighborhood, he never thought any bad elements lived there, one day someone got in the house and they duct taped his mouth, they robbed him, but he died because the duct tape  blocked his nose, he could not breath. The robber or robbers probably didn’t want to harm him but he died anyway, just image what the doctors family is going through after his death.
If he had camera, the robber would be more scared to pick that house, even if he did, chances are the doctor could have seen him or her before they broke in the house. Cameras or sensors can be added to detect motion to alert a person. Beam detectors can be added if someone crosses the invisible beam of light, it can trigger an alarm. A guard can go to sleep but not the sensors. You life can be saved with a $50 device.

Any comments other than about some spelling and grammar mistakes will be appreciated. I do not have PhD in English literature and  I checked  Shakespeare’s  is not related to me. So go figure, I am trying to promote my website