Identity Management Using CCTV Cameras


I have been in security camera business for long and I get tens of enquiries every day on personal identity management solution using existing CCTV cameras. Many consult us for solution for their visitor management, employee time and employee attendance, access control and canteen management etc. All they wanted to use the existing camera to identify the person. But the question is, whether it is possible? Whether the technology has made it possible for you? The answer is “Yes” and “No”, because the actual answer is dependent to your individual need, how much you want to achieve? If you are expecting 100% accuracy with your existing system, then there is still some time, but if your requirements are limited, then you are little late to employ the system.

CCTV Surveillance Isn’t a Passive Tool Identity Management Using CCTV Cameras

Your existing surveillance investment is enough to achieve so much. Changing a few of the cameras or optimizing them with certain digital converters can do a lot for you. Most of the people use CCTV surveillance as a postmortem tool not as a preventive tool to any unwanted event. Combining your Video Analytics with Facial Biometric you can achieve much more then you had expected. The facial biometric is useful in identifying/verifying the person as well as in-visitor tracking and detecting pre-registered suspects, etc.

Facial Biometrics as Identifier/Verifier

Facial Biometrics has the capability to identify an already registered face whenever they appear to the camera. There are various categories of biometric products, for example: iris scan, finger scan, thermo gram, etc. Out of all, the facial biometrics holds a rank high due to its sophisticated algorithmic support and the distinctive characteristics. When facial biometric captures the face it does not store the image of the face but stores a few important metrics such as distance between eyes, jaw length, nose length, etc. and record the info in its database. After registration whenever the person come across the camera, it verifies the person with credentials already stored in its database.

Versatility of the Product

Facial biometric products can also register a person with his photo. Physical presence of the person is not always necessary. This feature of a facial biometric is supper useful in nabbing pickpocketers, criminals-on-the-run, etc. Register the criminals using their old photos and install the system in some crowded place. Few of these cameras have a capacity to capture hundreds of faces at a time and compare them with its database. If some matching is found, it raises the alarm.

Use facial biometrics either as a criminal nabber or as a customer identifier, it’s all up to you or your individual requirements.