Black Box to Record Daily Driving Events inside Your Vehicle


Black box, vehicle camera, event data recorder (EDR) they come in all sorts of guises and names, but basically, they are camera for your vehicle that record entire activity around your vehicle on to its memory card (usually Micro SD or SDHC, depending on type of the camera).

They use a GPS locator to log your journey route and speed — quite useful for companies to spy their car drivers. The ‘G’ force sensors installed in these cameras starts emergency recording if you break suddenly, hit something hard or swerve off the road. It automatically records the before and after impact of a collision.

Basic Features of a Black Box

Compare you black box on these basic features to get the maximum out of it.

Viewing angle – A lot of you might think that greater viewing is better as you can pick up larger surroundings. But there is a catch – with wide angle cams you will have to compromise on the picture quality. Whereas, the narrow field viewing picks less but always offers a better picture quality. No or little distortion at the edge. Decide what you want to capture and ask the seller to detail you about the viewing angle. Most sellers usually don’t! HD Security Black Box for Vehicle

Recording mode – The most commonly used SDHC card records around 32 GB data. In more easy term, an hour’s worth of recording will consume 2 GB space but that will also differ if you set the camera at higher resolution. In a black box you can select time for each recorded segment. It can be 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15min segment with 2-3 second’s gap between each segment. When the card’s capacity is full, it will by design over record from the start. So if anything worth store, take the card out and download the recordings to your computer.

Power options – Most of the black box vehicle cameras will auto run with the ignition (if the accessory sockets are only live when the car is running). But in few vehicles the accessory socket is permanently live. In situation like this, you need to be careful and unplug the camera when you leave the car (unless it is a need to record your whole drive). Some of the camera will continue recording even when they are switched off on their backup battery. So if you are taking the card out to download some data, make sure that everything is saved and it’s properly switched off.

Mounting options –Normally these cameras have a windscreen mount. It can be a suction type mount or an adhesive patch. Whichever you prefer for you vehicle, make sure the screen is clear before attaching it.

Recording resolution – Make sure that it is HD, because a few claim to be, but in fine prints they states “interpolated”, which means digitally enhanced. A Full 1080P HD camera provides 30fps recording speed, and on lower resolution it can be stretched to 60 fps. You can also experiment with the settings to see what provides the better image for your specific need.

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