How to Improve Campus Safety with Proactive Security Surveillance


Most people believe that their working as well as learning environment is a safe heaven on earth. It is a reality until you meet with an incident of violence within your campus. High-profile cases of violence at universities and colleges nationwide are encouraging preventive measures on every campus. One such is installation of IP security cameras at campus’s remote locations such as parking lot, playgrounds, mess or other places.

Despite the privacy advocates’ concerns, many security administrators believe that security cameras do a great job in preventing possible crimes. Smaller institutions specifically, increasingly trust on cameras to fill the security void left by shortfalls of budget or a lack of resource to hire extra security officers. It’s a security in virtual presence – no hundreds of people patrolling the campus all the time.

What IP Cameras Are Good For College Campus Security? IP security camera - Fixed Dome Network Camera for Camerafor campus security

For college campus security I would suggest installation of Fixed Dome Network Camera such as Indoor 3-axis PIR Fixed Dome Network Camera or Sony Super HAD Color CCD-3-Axis Dome Camera that offers a higher image resolution as compared to analog surveillance cameras. Internet Protocol or IP Cameras are advancing with time and are becoming even smarter enabling you with greater scalability and flexibility, and in special cases even empowering you with cloud storage and remote controlling.

Do You Have a Realistic Plan?

  • The IT team needs to have a realistic plan before deploying IP cameras surveillance and security. Increased capabilities demand for the availability of adequate bandwidth along with additional storage capacity. Make sure that you are meeting the demand at every corner.
  • An institution with a small budget for surveillance camera setup doesn’t need to perform a comprehensive replacement of all existing analog cameras. Technology allows you to incorporate Analog cameras into an IP network using video encoders. There are wide varieties of models that help digitize analog camera and make them possible to be viewed alongside IP network images. You can also discuss on converged video management system with your IT team to work conveniently keeping the legacy analog systems remain in place.
  • While upgrading, make sure your staff is able to adjust with the new system and IT people has time for its proper maintenance and skills to troubleshoot the systems.
  • Above all, as a security camera expert we advice the college campus administrators they must outline what they are trying to protect. The highest and most expensive alternative isn’t always necessarily the best fit when you have to meet with the primary needs. Under all of the available management and storage options, the contemporary IP security network can be deployed for every budget.
  • For a small institution where they have a low camera count, the DVR/Analog camera combination is more adoptable as it is more cost effective than a complete IP system.

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