Upgrade my security system to HD-SDI or NVR system


Upgrade my security system to HD-SDI or NVR system

hd sdi or nvr system


This is Dr. Johnston from San Francisco. I need to upgrade my camera system in my hospital. I am not quite happy with the system we got from Costco a few years ago.

This is a typical situation most installers face. People want to upgrade their systems from something they bought for a few hundred dollars from Costco and want the best of the quality. The only problem with this situation is the customer usually expecting a very low estimate and very high quality.

In my opinion is better to ask the customer what he’s expecting little better quality or something megapixel HD quality. Most of the time the answer will be they want HD quality they want to recognize the license plates off all vehicles coming in the parking lot.

So the question now for the installer is what does he really recommend.

  1. New HD SDI DVR with HD SDI cameras.
  2. Optional HD SDI license plate camera
  3. A auto tracking HD SDI PTZ camera for the parking lot
  4. A NVR with IP cameras
  5. They even have this new stuff called the CVI DVR and CVI cameras which are a choice in between Analog and HD SDI system. The advantage of this is, they are lower in price compared to HD SDI or the IP cameras.