Client wants info of DIY vs Professional Install


Client wants info of DIY vs Professional Install


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Does anyone have any documentation about the differences between big box store DIY’s and our professional products? quality? digital watermark? etc…


For a start, there are “Big Box Store DIY” products as you call them in all sorts of qualities. So anyone selling Pre-packed systems…. please don’t feel offended because of my general remarks! I would say you have 3 kinds of sets out there. The best Package deals are actually great products combined to a complete set with more or less reduction on the individual components. These systems usually are expandable with several options and there are only 2 big differences with a professionally designed and installed system: It is not tailor made to the needs of the specific customer but for any “average” situation and installation also requires skills that you hopefully find to make optimal use of the system.
Than you have the cheap professional looking systems that actually perform poor compared to the “good stuff” any professional would recommend. And yes, you can also find rubbish out there that might be broken when you take it out of the box.
I think that the biggest challenge for every good security expert, is to help the customer to see that you are indeed an expert. Teach the customer the value of a good design of the solutions you propose, show him that a proper installation requires skills not everybody can offer and provide him the ease of mind that you will also be there when things brake down in the future.
The alternative for not allowing professionals to do their job, is that he ends up with a system that does not do what it is supposed to, where support is poor and where malfunctions arise through obvious mistakes in installing and operating the system.


One word comes to mind. SERVICE. Is the retiree in the blue or red vest going to answer the phone or jump in the truck to remedy any technical issues? Not likely. When contracting a reputable dealer you typically get what you pay for. Some customers are only concerned about the bottom line. So be it. When they call you to service their bargain refer them back to their point of purchase.