Keep an Eye on Your Vacation Home Remotely


Video surveillance serves far beyond simple security. These days, video surveillance is not limited to monitoring your office or business but it can give you piece of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on:

  • Your kids
  • Your home
  • Your ‘Vacation’ home
  • Your convenience store and so on.

Imagine the comfort and utility of being able to distantly access the archived or even real-time footage of your home or business. And maybe you’ll catch something suspicious in your neighborhood.

But with all of these support, comfort and capabilities come many options and choices, and parents and homeowners find it tricky to determine which system is right one for them? Don’t Worry! Dvrunlimited is here for your rescue. We are the security camera experts and are to ready help you with any assistance you need to secure your home, your business or even your loved once.

How to Select the Best Video Surveillance System?

As a buyer you need to consider the following things choosing a video surveillance system.

Security Camera System - Remote surveillance, Vacation Home
Progressive Scane Exmor CMOS HD IP PTZ Camera

Wireless or Wired – Wireless cameras are more convenient for a small home setup, very easy to install, and at the same time give you the flexibility to adopt new places or locations without having to play with wires. Larger home like a vacation home need more complex solutions, wired surveillance system is mostly preferred here as in future they can add other security measures into an existing system for enhanced security.

Analog or IP Digital Camera – IP cameras offers a higher image clarity and higher resolution as compared to analog cameras. So if image clarity and motion is your chief concerns then analog may not fit into your need, however they cost less per camera. Another important aspect of IP digital cameras is that they do not get affected with interference of other wireless tools around. So installing an IP camera is much useful than analog cameras if you are ready to spend a little more cash.

DVR – The initial video surveillance system comes with a few camera options, but maybe later on what if you plan to add more cameras for maximum coverage? Well, the solution is simple. You need to look for such a surveillance camera system that comes with an advanced DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Keep in mind that the number of the channels determines the number of cameras you can use with a particular DVR system.

Hard drive on DVR – Consider your need for the recorded footage and video quality. It will help you determine the Hard Drive capacity on your DVR. 50 GB storage is a good capacity if you want to store five days of footage from as many as four cameras at a standard frame rate. Alternatively, you can set the cameras to record only when the motion is detected. This will greatly help your record active recording, ideal for remote monitoring.

Number and type of Cameras – How many cameras are required and where they would be place? Do you also need night vision and weather resistant cameras? It all depends upon your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher the camera’s resolution the larger it can cover.

With a broad selection of IP security cameras and dome cameras, dvrunlimited will provide you exactly what you’re looking for and what matches exactly to your specific need.