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Gated home owners association or HOA is the most popular community in the United States. These communities are a heaven on earth for its residents. It provides them a piece of mind as they are surrounded by a security wall, with only one entrance gate. The club house of these communities is the place where you can find all necessary tools that are essential to keep the community looking great. These item ranges from simple tool to costly riding lawnmowers. These club houses are depository of high-cost item so there is always a possibility of vandalism and theft.

Cost Reduction over Security Guard

Putting a security camera can be the answer to such security thefts in the clubhouse. These cameras can either be viewable to everyone or hidden. Either way, they fulfil the ultimate need of theft prevention. With a minimal cost of security cameras a homeowners association can save thousands of bucks on tools and other depositories vulnerable to theft. Although, gated communities usually have security guards but they cost a lot to homeowners association. Their salaries, cost of insurance, and other benefits are unfeasible to many. Thankfully, with a right surveillance system you can accomplish much more than a security guard, without even paying such a high price.

Surveillance System Work as a ‘Virtual Security Guard’

PTZ High Speed Dome Camera - For Gated Community
PTZ High Speed Dome Camera

Security cameras working for you day and night as ‘virtual security guard’ will prevent those who want to sneak into the community walls. Turn the entire community into a ‘remote viewing neighborhood watch’ and let all the members keep an eye on the front in their spare time. It also helps to bring the entire community together for a common goal and provide security without any investment on security guards. Why skimping on the most essential part, ‘security of you and your children’, because you cannot afford for that. Pay a nominal amount for a security surveillance system and ensure a safe environment around.

People Having Evil Thought Might Be Residing Inside the Community

Your gated community might also have a recreation area that you use for hanging out with your family. However, at night this can be a place where people hang out having some evil thoughts in their mind. It is not necessary that a stranger entered into the community; it can be someone who resides inside the community. For instance, teenagers or those involved in drug trade, all can be the members of the community. Basketball courts or tennis court are some of the communal areas where these people often congregate. When they are together there are chances of fights and petty vandalism.

Have a Security System Installed

While the HOA can afford the cost of having security guard/guards wandering around, it is much more feasible to have a security cameras and DVR installed. They provide you 24/7 vigilance, without even employing someone for that. The cameras will be working as eye in the sky, and DVRs will give HOA the ability to watch a live footage of what happened the night before in case of vandalism. It’s really an all-encompassing security system that dvrunlimited recommend to all gated community homeowner associations.