How a Security Camera System Can Safeguard Your Construction Site


Managing a construction site is a weightily responsibility mostly because they are more prone to burglaries. A lot of expensive equipment is left outside during night and thus these construction sites fall prey to theft and burglaries. A security camera system can come handy at situation like this. However, you need to smartly utilize the system to handle the stressors. You need not spend thousands of dollars to get a whole new security camera system. Just contact drvunlimited, we will help safeguard your construction site, refinery, plant or any outdoor event venue with surveillance products and security cameras that are specially designed to protect and monitor your site and its expensive equipment.

Benefits of Construction Site Security Cameras

Here are a few of multiple benefits a security camera system can provide you:

  • Encourage more productivity of the construction site staff
  • Discourage potential brutalities, theft and other vandalism
  • Protects unmanned sites containing expensive equipment and supplies
  • Integrates video surveillance and recorded data from remote site into a centralized screen
  • Reduces the cost of surveillance visits

    Heavy Duty Laser PTZ System Camera for Construciton Site Security
    Heavy Duty Laser PTZ System Camera

Beyond its traditional uses Video Surveillance system can also benefit a construction site with number of other benefits across an entire organization, including:

  • Exceptionally improve workers compliance with policies such as safety, dress code and customer service.
  • Integrate well with rest of the security measures applied such as hold-up panic button and intrusion detection.
  • Provide visual verification of who entered the premises or the covered area of your facility.
  • Protect your business from fraudulent employee compensations or “slip-and-fall” claims.

What Features Are Compatible to Construction Site’s Need?

It is always a wise decision to install a surveillance system for your construction site that could be there round the clock as a vigilance eye, roving to each corner of the premises and recording everything that you didn’t want to be seen there.

It’s very easy to install the security system at your construction site. A moment’s notice is enough to arrange the system anywhere at the site. Most video systems are self-sustaining for security, communication, power and video quality. When they detect a motion they capture and save the video with time and date for future reference, viewing and storage. Remote accessibility helps remote viewing of the recorded video. Its sheer presence including with audible warning sounds work as deterrent to thefts. Finally, these security camera systems are flexible and allow a change in layout as and when needed, such as, at the time of site/property change.

Final Words

Roughly five hundred pieces of construction equipment are stolen each week in the U.S. But the bad news is that only 10-15% gets the insurance cover. Construction site theft is increasing every year by the rate of 10% and there is no sign of its slowing down. Let dvrunlimited assist you with its high end surveillance system safeguarding your construction site.