Nanny Cam to Monitor the Caregiver’s Interactions with Your Child


Every parent has concern for their children and their safety is one of their top priorities. Unfortunately, it is quite a discouraging task these days to find a trustworthy or a reliable person to take care of your kids during your office time. We often heard stories in the news channels about crimes associated with nanny or a babysitter. A nanny cam ensures your kid’s well-being by keeping an eye on his caregiver when you are out. When life’s commitments confine you being the primary caregiver to your kid, you can rely on a nanny camera to safeguard your children against the predators in the disguise of a babysitter or nanny.

A Nanny Cam Ensures Your Child’s Safety

Security cameras provide a peace of mind that you are watching every moment around and your family is safe there. To safeguard your kid you can rely on various new technologies adopted in the security cameras these days. Nanny cameras are mostly wireless cameras and can be placed anywhere inside your house. You may even hide them in almost any type of household item only if it is legal to spy a caregiver under the state of law. You need not pay a lot of money to get the live video images via computer or cell phone. You can consult Dvrunlimited for a good nanny cam that can ensure your child’s safety.

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Covert Camera and PIR DVR

Is It Legal to Use a Hidden Camera?

In more than 50 states in America hidden cameras are legal. However, without person’s consent you cannot record speech in California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii and other 10 states. Knowing the numerous laws and ethic surrounding the use of covert cams might have you divert your mind in your approach to your kid’s safety. If not more, at least understanding possible consequences will help you decide whether or not it is good to talk upfront the nanny about the possibility of being watched. International Association of Nanny strongly recommends employers to discuss the things with the caregiver, prior the employment commences.

What If Not a Nanny Cam?

What else you can do if you have changed your mind or it’s illegal in your state? To see what your nanny is up to, here are a few things parents can do to check-up on the caregiver.

  • Sometimes, have a neighbor drop by unnoticed
  • Drop by once in a while between your office time and check-in.
  • Maintain a record so you know when something is missing
  • Is your television warm? The caregiver might be watching it all day.
  • If you notice something suspicious, question your nanny immediately and discuss the thing openly with her.

What Do You Think?

Spy cam or a nanny cam can be used for different other purposes than just kid’s care. The equipment can be used for occasional in-home sitter services or other security reasons. According to an international chain, there is an increase of 25 percent in such devices over past 5 years. But, whether it is a good idea or it’s an invasion of someone’s privacy? This is a question you need to answer before making your decision on a nanny cam for your child’s safety.