IP Security Camera System for Self-checkout


Self-checkouts are meant to save labor costs, as a retailer doesn’t need to hire a cashier, and customers help themselves in checking out her or himself. But some retailers have realized that these self-checkout points costing them more than they save. Thousands dollar goods are being stolen from these checkouts. Dvrunlimited with its expert knowledge in security camera system can help you figure out fraud and theft at your self-checkout counters.

How People Steal in Self-checkout?

It’s no more a secret how people steal at self-checkout. It offers ‘benefit of the doubt’ to all the customers, dishonest or honest in the same manner. Here are a few examples how these canny customer plays with the system.

  • Scanning only the less expensive goods and leaving the rest in the shopping cart.
  • Leaving a few items at reusable bag or a recyclable bag on the floor
  • The “banana trick” – customers keeps the $12/pound item on the scale and indicates it as produce and mark it as “Bananas” that is 50 cents a pound.
  • Another trick is playing with weight scale – overloading the weight scale so that extra unscanned goods are not judged by the self-checkout.
  • While scanning one item keeping the other item into a recycled bag on the floor.

These are few of the various trick people use to game the system.

IP Camera for Self-checkout
Vandal Proof IP Camera-5MP progressive scan CMOS

Role of a Self-checkout Attendant

The primary purpose of a self-checkout attendant is to provide required help to the customers while at the same time they keep customers trying to trick the procedure. Even with all their presence of mind and paying complete attention, they find it quite difficult to keep an eye out for customer theft. Moreover, these attendants are not always around, they may be serving another customer or sent off on a different task by the store manager who finds them as “extra help” just standing near to him or her. Or, as you might also have witnessed at your local store, the attendant is texting to his or her supervisor or someone else.

CCTV Camera System to Figure out Shoplifters

You cannot expect an attentive attendant all the time at self-checkouts and here emerges the need of video surveillance, which has increased its demand throughout the retail and grocery industry in recent years. The demand has, in turn, derived deployment of security cameras above the self-checkouts just as they were at manned checkouts. Retailers initially installed analog CCTV cameras, but now it has been noticed that they are increasingly showing interest towards digital IP cameras and more advance technologies in order to have with them “future proof”. Video surveillance and related technologies are helping retailers figure out suspicious behavior of a customer or the repeat customers who purposely tried to trick the system in their previous visit.