Security Camera System to Deter Unique Security Challenges at Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and Nightclubs
Bars and Nightclubs

bars and nightclubs

A changing customer base on a daily basis and high employee turnover made bars and nightclubs the most vulnerable areas of theft. Although, running a bar or club can be a lucrative and highly satisfying experience, it also involves some level vulnerability to stress. Whether you are busy keeping the books in order, worried about paying the bills, keeping the tipsy customers under control, you cannot afford to miss out on the safety and security of your club or bar.

It is justified that you are busy; still it is essential that you pay attention towards the safety of your employee, your patrons and yourself. Even if you are confident about your regular crowd, they are usually tame and well-behaved, you never know what may be the scene an hour from now as all the people around you are drunk, and it is no harm to be safe than sorry. Have a security camera system installed; it will help you deter the unique security challenges your bar faces every single day.

Think Before You Install a Security Camera System

Factors such as number of entrances and exits, employee and vendor access, daytime and nighttime visibility and even landscaping plays an important role in the installation of a security camera system. Dvrunlimited advice you to take into account the following aspects while selecting a security camera system for your bar and club:

Security Camera System for Bars and Nightclubs
Day/Night PTZ Dome Camera
  • What is your most important security risk?
  • Is “dine and dash” or customer theft is your primary concern?
  • Do you currently have a security camera system in place?
  • Are you a bar or restaurant or both?
  • Do you offer occasional special events that drive more crowd on bar on specific days?
  • What is your average patron base?
  • Do you have a stand-alone building or have you leased a space a bigger building.
  • Do your employees have access in all the areas including bar, dining room, kitchen and servers’ station?

You Need To Look For Something Additional

Along with the theft you need to be careful about the potential drug use, drug dealing and violence involved with it, underage drinking and also the sex-related crimes. You might feel that a typical surveillance system is enough to protect you from lot of these; you need to rethink on the matter as I have noticed the environment inside a bar is surprisingly dark. A conventional security camera system will not help you capture high quality, clean and clear footage if the lighting conditions are not that good. A good night security camera can help to capture almost everything even if the lighting conditions are bad.

Automated Night Security Cameras for Bars and Clubs

Night security cameras as their name suggests are designed to capture a clear footage even in the poor lighting condition. Dvrunlimted suggests the bar owners to pay a little extra and install a camera that turns from day to night mode as per the light conditions. These cameras are an ideal choice for bar and clubs as they can capture footage in the entire establishment 24/7 a day. With an automated system you need not to install multiple cameras in order to take footage in different light conditions