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With the word “loading dock” a picture of an unglamorous place for shipping and receiving emerges to your mind. The place is often downplayed or overlooked in the larger security scene. If not all, still many loading dock, however, are doorways that leave organizations open to greater potential risks and vulnerabilities. Loading docks usually lack in the number of security personnel and the problem is compounded with the relaxed attitude of the operations team. As a result, businesses are left perilously vulnerable to assets being taken out and contraband being smuggled in.

It does not end here, the list of security issues on the loading docks consists a lot more.

  • Dock doors are kept open to ventilate the facility.
  • Security staff often does not aggressively fulfill security initiatives.
  • Lack of clear procedures for items entering or leaving the facility.
  • Employee who are reluctant to the unauthorized personnel.

Video Surveillance for Overall Security Solution

An IP security camera system installed in loading docks offers solutions to many problems, such as:

Security Camera System for Loading Dock
HD Performance Level Package DVR,2TB HDD Included

Validating Loads – Lots of damaged goods is a clear problem of unorganized item maintenance. A quality security camera system can come handy in proper scrutiny of inbound and outbound shipping. Intelligently placed surveillance system can play a key role in verifying the claim for damaged or lost goods.

Loss Prevention & Employee Scrutiny – Every employer believes that they have the best work force; their employees are the most honest, give due diligence to every task they are assigned and perform with acute accuracy to ensure maximum productivity. Unfortunately, this is not often the reality. Having a security camera system installed let you view the loading areas in real time. The facility can be greatly used in maximizing the efficiency.

Along with that, in case of a theft, it will be easier to prove in front of the authority who is the perpetrator.

Assuring Safety – Loading dock workers often have to operate heavy machinery to move and arrange heavy loads, like working on forklifts. Its employer’s primary responsibility to protect their employee against any possible accident inside the organization! Loading dock is a part of an organization and people working here should know the proper safety precautions. When an employer is able to monitor all the actions and deeds throughout the facility he or she can very well notice and fix the problem upfront to avoid any possible accident.

Traffic Efficiency – Inefficient operations and lack of proper processing may result in loss of valuable time and money. Deploying a security camera system at the entrance can help ensure that each awaiting truck is guided properly to the dock as soon as it becomes available for loading.

Contact dvrunlimited for loading dock security camera system installation. Our security consultant can help you get the right security system as per your unique needs.