What Factors Contribute To Select DVR Channels?


We have discussed various uses of security camera system and you might also have realized the vitality of these surveillance systems and planning to have one to safeguard your children, home or business. However, during all these discussions a few things remained undescribed, such as discussion on ‘DVR channels’.

The word ‘channel’ has a different meaning in video surveillance lingo. Today I will try to describe you the channels in regards to video surveillance system. Before you shop for security camera system you need to completely understand what channels means and how they matter in the size of a video surveillance system. From now on you will be able to take an informed decision about your camera system including with the correct number of channels for your specific security needs.

What Does “Channels” Represent Here?

DVR Channels- Security Camera System
4CH High Compression DVR, Remote Surveillance

‘Channels’ determines number of cameras your DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can support. In more simple terms, if you have 4-channel DVR, it can support 4 surveillance cameras. Similarly, 8-channel will support 8 cameras, and so on. If you have ever noticed a commercial security camera system, whether represented on TV or live, you might have seen how each camera is feeding into different channel numbers. This is what the channels are all about (in regards to video surveillance)

How Many Cameras a DVR can Support?

Stand-alone DVR security system is supportive to minimum 4 and maximum 32 channels, which means 4 to 32 cameras. How many channels are required to your DVR security system is dependent to the length of the area you need to cover. The larger the area, the more cameras you will need to achieve maximum coverage. Make sure you have enough channels in which you can get feed from all individual cameras. A simple formula to determine the number of channels for you DVR system is – camera input equals to number of channels.

Significance of Number of channels

Channels determine the number of cameras a DVR system can support along with the variety of camera angles. For instance, you want to secure your home at every corner; a 4-channel DVR system will most likely do the job. However, a warehouse with various aisles of stocks will need higher channel DVR system to support more cameras fitted in each aisle ensuring complete security. Similarly a casino would need a DVR system with maximum number of channels to hook up maximum number of cameras into the surveillance system to ensure every table is under surveillance.

How Many Channels Do I Need In My DVR System?

There is no fixed answer to this common question. Security surveillance need varies from person to person, whether it is for their business, home or for other location. DVR for your surveillance system is proportionate to the area you are securing, your budget and type of cameras you want to install. Each person’s security need is unique, which is why you need DVR system tailored to your specific need.

You can contact dvrunlimited to discuss your specific needs. Our expert team will work together with you to understand exactly how many channels you will need in your DVR system.