Are You Confident about the Daycare Center’s Surveillance System?


When you are deciding on a child care center, security along with facilities should be high on your list of “must-haves”. Leaving the tenderest part of your family at a daycare center is a matter of sheer conviction. A day care facility secured with surveillance cameras will give a lot of satisfaction on their choice to the parents. Although, all day care facilities arrange for some sort of security system, but that does not mean they are foolproof and effective.

A video surveillance must assure that the child is safe from any accidents, injuries and mishaps. They should also help to monitor their development and growth. Since it is the era of working parents, daycare centers are a second home to children. Having a CCTV camera system in a childcare facility offers parents the convenience of viewing child’s daily activities remotely. Furthermore, it’s an add-on to the facility a child care center provides and thus it also helps enhance its business.

Choosing a Daycare Facility

Video Surveillance System for daycare
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It requires due diligence at the time of selecting a daycare facility for your child. Do not rush to your decision and give enough time to scope out every option available near your place. There are various different elements which in totality make up a safe and secure facility.

Limited entry system:

  • A typical limited entry facility usually has a passcode procedure. It restricts all those people who don’t know the passcode inside the building.
  • Another way of limited entry system a few facilities use is a parent’s sign – parents need to sign in a paper before picking up the child. This is actually good; however there are chances that anyone can forge a sign.
  • The most advanced limited entry method is a biometric system. Many facility adopting biometric system in which parents have to scan their thumbprint and fingerprints to get the entry. You can rely on the system as it is impossible to mimic thumb and fingerprints.

Video surveillance system:

Video surveillance is significant to make sure the child is being cared properly and treated with respect. Although, we should not suspect caregivers, they are usually very caring towards the kids and know their job well, but it is better to know for sure.

Presently many daycare centers have started offering live footage over internet. This new age feature has enabled parents to watch their kids’ daily activities from their mobile phone or tablet. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to keep a watch on them all the time, its presence only assures that the facility is confident in their services and appreciates parents’ involvement as well.

Follow-up for New Surveillance Technology

Whenever you hear about a new surveillance technology that comes out offering heightened security, ask the facility if they will be utilizing it for better security. Whether they adopt it or not, the important thing to check here is that whether they are honest with their approach and confident about the surveillance system they already have in place. Contact dvrulimited to have more information regarding new and updated technologies in surveillance system. We will be more than happy to guide you through the latest surveillance system in the market.