Ensure Safety of Your Elderly Parents with CCTV Camera System


One of the toughest decisions every one of us to face in our adult lives is how to give due care to our beloved parents when they reach their golden years. Many of us are faced with the difficult choice of respecting our parent’s decision to remain independent or sending him or her into an old age home or an assisted living facility. Usually parents are reluctant leaving their house and comfort of life they’ve gathered around it, but your concern is their safety. In this article I will advice you on how you can use CCTV camera system to protect your loved ones.

Prudent Home Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are not only those boxy video cameras that you see outside your building capturing all the activities on the street. And they aren’t the dome cameras that you might see inside pub or casino. Security camera systems can include discreet surveillance cameras designed to be covert so that your elderly parents won’t mind that they are being constantly watched inside their home.

CCTV Camera for Elderly Parents
SONY Super HAD CCD II Indoor Application

Elderly with Illnesses like Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Assume for a second – and I actually hope this is only an assumption and not a fact – that your mother or father suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The illness is unfortunately quite common among United States’ aging population and very frustrating for both the patient and caregivers alike.

When a person, especially an elderly begin to mislay his or her mental faculties, they can create danger to themselves and thus it becomes vital to have vigilant monitoring on them all the time. They might leave light switches and things on, such as cookers or stove burners. Worse, elderly suffering from dementia may forget their address and wander about, placing themselves in more danger.

Assuring their Safety from Criminals

Another major safety issue facing our aged parents is the security of their home within their own neighborhood. Many of them often become victim of theft, because thieves know that the home is only engaged by an aged person making it an easy target. “Elderly abuse” is widespread in the United States. Even though they have hospice care that either lives with them or visit them regularly, you still need to provide them CCTV surveillance protection. It’s not good to put complete faith on hospice care people; they have been proved to be the worst reprobates. Even if your elderly parents are under permanent care, it still becomes your duty to ensure that the caregiver is not taking advantage of your parent’s situation.

It’s Not Bad If You Are Worried about Their Security

These are just a few example situations that force you to place your elderly parents under video surveillance and believe me it’s not at all being “big brother”, rather it’s a smart idea for both of you. Smartly place an IP camera system throughout their home including the perimeter of the property to ensure that their home protected from all side. Advanced security camera system can feed wirelessly on a network DVR system, so you can keep a check on your elderly parents from your tablet or mobile phone at any time to confirm they are just doing fine.

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