Advanced Security Camera Packages for Instant Security Solution


Large businesses, installers and contractors look for an individual CCTV system, but small business and homeowners want a faster solution with easy installation – like a pre-built security camera system package.

Compared to the high-end surveillance system at big box retailers and major electronics suppliers, a real surveillance system package is designed including with basics to the high quality affordable components that are easy to install and fits to your individual need.

A Security Camera System Consist of…

A security camera package comes with security cameras, digital video recorder (DVR), power supplies and cables (pre-cut). Few of these packages also include a warning sign that can be placed on your lawn or window. No matter from where you prefer to buy these systems, you will be always served with options as far as quality and number of cameras. Since network camera systems are becoming more popular, you might get an IP camera system package options as well.

What Security Camera System is Right for My Home/Office?

For home:

It’s a general question and the answer lies entirely upon your office/living arrangements and how many rooms, gates, windows, doors or cash points you want to monitor.

Security Camera Packages
TRUE H.264 Compression DVR Package

If your requirement is for a standard home with a yard and a garage, a simple 4 channel DVR and cameras will work just fine. Typically, an entry level package completes with two indoor and two outdoor cameras to cover your front walk and the back yard. The indoor cameras in the package will probably cover the living area and the other could watch any area or your prefer location, maybe your bedroom.

For a larger home like a vacation home or estates, you may look for eight to sixteen camera systems, depending on the external buildings, entrances, exits, gates and windows you want to monitor.

For office/busines:

A business needs to be watched from various angles, such as cash registers, various offices, kitchen, merchandise displays and other important areas including with employee behavior. They all should be monitored as well as recorded at the same time.

If you have a small business, you may still consider a 4 channel package, but for those who own a medium or large business, consider at least 8 channels DVR and camera package.

Ensure Complete Surveillance

While considering a video camera system, make sure that all value areas are covered including with the entrances and exits. Here are a few more security measures that you may take into notice:

  • Cover the entire area of large storefront made of glass
  • For surveying cash register, set the camera at an angle so that you watch the employee working.
  • Break rooms and kitchen are places where you need to be careful for any possible accident.
  • Make sure that all the cameras are installed to protect the company against and fraudulent activity or crime

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