IP Security Cameras to Deter Crime at Truck Stops


Trucking have an important role in any economy – giant 18 wheelers, lorries, and semi trucks, they all are the king of the highway, transporting goods from one place to another, supplying businesses the merchandise they need and consumers the things they want. Long haul truckers have a different way of life; truck stops are very crucial part of it. These are the places where truck drivers get a bit rest, take a shower, eat something and relax. Truck stops provide a momentarily escape from the monotony of a long road trip.

Security camera system is a great tool for keeping these resting places secure, helping truck drivers and managers protect both the property of the truck stop along with the belongings of the truckers and the merchandise or goods loaded on the truck.

What Benefit Security Cameras offers to Travel Station?

IP Security Cameras for Truck Stop
IPTZ-980M special PTZ camera Network Camera

Trucks, especially those that are carting appliances and electronics and other valuables, are at greater risk of violent crime and theft. Security cameras installed in the truck lot deter these felonies and help protect the truck stop and trucker’s safe.

The physical facilities like buildings, bath facilities, restaurants are all vulnerable to the some or the other type of crimes. Video surveillance cameras help protect these facilities.

IP surveillance cameras allow the owners and truck stop managers to keep vigilance from any place by transmitting camera footage live.

Intelligent video analytics – the modern technology in security camera system are encoded with special algorithms that allow the cameras to independently capture the footage of pre-set behaviors. The technology of video analytics is very useful in identifying delinquent behaviors.

What Are Some Specific Security Needs?

Just as the route and truckers destinations are different, truck stops also differ from one to another in many different ways. Security needs of a truck stop dependent to number of different factors, such as:

  • Truck stop location: Security concerns are different for urban and rural area.
  • If the place has a history of crime or some criminal activity?
  • Does the truck stop serve specifically to travelling trucks?
  • What is the greatest security threat for the truck stop?

Installation Tips for Truck Stop Video Surveillance System

There are a few important points you need to keep in mind while installing a security camera system in your truck stop.

  • Protect the outdoor cameras form weather-related damages.
  • Keep the cameras around the parameters under the protective housing.
  • Place a camera at the entrance and exit; it will help you capture the faces as well as the license plates of every visitor.
  • Make sure a camera is installed over the cash register to capture the clerk and protect the cash from robbery. These cameras provide all the useful footage at the time of crime investigation.

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