Secure Your Home from a Break-In Even When You’re Not There


You’ve just tied knot with your beloved boyfriend or girlfriend. After saying “I do” to your wife or husband, you’re ready to move to a romantic destination to spend some quality time. But while you are packing luggage, don’t forget about the newlywed gifts and other valuables in your home while jet-off to your honeymoon destination.

I am sure you might not be thinking about the possible theft, but you would be amazed to know that many communities in the U.S. experience 12-20% increase break-in during the prime wedding season (June, July and August). Try using surveillance techniques and other important measures to keep your home safe while you are enjoying your honeymoon trip.

Install a Security Camera System

Security Camera for home surveillance
PKG-DVR04 Stand Alone 4 Channel DVR Kit

The #1 and the best thing you can do to protect your belongings, is to get the security system installed. Before you set off to your honeymoon, select a security system that can keep an eye on your home, send you an alert to something suspicious, and let you enjoy your time. To select the best security system all you need to do is to answer few simple questions and dvrunlimited will do the rest. When you call us, consider that all the initial work has already been done; you just have to take the initiative.

Ask Your Close Friend or Neighbor to Keep a Watch

Ask a neighbor or a friend to pick up your mail so they don’t stack up. They can also help you with:

  • Bringing in newspapers and mail
  • Keeping the yard up (so it looks that someone is lining in the house)
  • Parking their car in your driveway
  • Watch for suspicious activity in or around your home

Don’t Share Personal Information Online

Today’s culture depends a lot on Facebook, twitter and other social sites to share personal events. Have you ever cared to think who is reading the stuff you are posting regularly. We are updating our status with all our personal information without even realizing that some stranger could also be reading the same stuff. Don’t tip the evil-minds off on the social network by posting too much information about your honeymoon destination and plan. Also:

  • Refrain from updating your status at the airport
  • Don’t update a “check-in” status when you are at a restaurant, hotel or a landmark
  • Post your honeymoon pictures only when you’ve arrived home

Hide the Garage Door’s Remote Control

Thieves are well aware of our habits; after all they are also human. Are you forgetting your garage door opener inside the car? Most burglars know that car can be the first place to find garage wireless door opener. What they need is to quickly smash the windscreen and get the instant access to your home through garage. Be sure to keep the garage door opener at a safe place.

Make Smart Use of Technology

While it’s good that your friend will check in on your place while you are on your honeymoon, you can also use your smartphone to do the same for you. Set you tablet or smartphone with a Wi-Fi enabled security camera system and get the real-time surveillance, from wherever you are. The technology can also help you get an alert on your phone if anything appearing suspicious. Install the most advanced security camera system for home and keep the memories of your honeymoon memorable and sweet.