IP Cameras – What Does It Mean for Installers?


With the advent of IP cameras it is really easy to check in on your young kid and his or her nanny while working in your office – or to monitor your vacation home or your business from your laptop or tablet, all in real time. IP camera allows the user to remotely view live camera footage from any web browser. All you need is a broadband network connection to connect to the internet. You can even watch multiple camera footage from your tablet or smartphone.

Easy To Configure

Internet cameras are like mini computers—they have their own sophisticated software that need to be configured to an internet network in order to function. The network configuration is not something a complex task for most devices; it is as simple as configuring a Wi-Fi network. This has become more and more exception than a rule that you need good working knowledge of IT technology to get the camera system up and running. The new age cameras come with their own apps that have made recording and streaming the video even easier on the web. Let’s get started on how these IP cameras work.

IP Camera
Outdoor Full HD IP Speed Dome PTZ Camera

Nothing Is Complicated About Network Cameras – Let’s Understand!

An internet camera transmits video over a data connection; Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet etc. These cameras have the in-built capability to transfer images over the network. It establishes a direct connection to the network similar to any other network device such as a scanner or a Wi-Fi enabled printer. The video can be saved to an attached external drive, or can make use of another device connected on the same network for storage, or directly stream the video on the internet.

An internet camera captures images almost in the similar fashion as any other security camera does. The main difference is its capability to compress the data files and transfer them over a network. If a store is fitted-out with a network, the required setup is already in place to connect network cameras. If the store owner wishes to use a two or more cameras, then he may use a decentralized type network camera, that has its own built-in storage medium & control interface. However, if you want to install multiple network cameras, it would be wise to use a centralized network camera system, which works on a network video recorder (NVR).

NVR can store digital video from network cameras and allow simultaneous view of multiple network cameras at once. It’s quite similar to a digital video recorder (DVR), but while DVR itself can encode & process video from security cameras, NVR depends on the network cameras to encode their digital video. NVR only stores the encoded data to allow an integrated remote viewing.

Adaptability Makes it Remain Best in Class

Security cameras are more versatile these days—they are wired, wireless and also come in several of “form factors”. Their typical look of a security camera is prevalent but there is huge a demand of hidden cameras (covert cameras) with webcam capability. Market responded to demand! IP cameras are now discreetly hidden in wide variety of form factors like camera behind mirror, or clock radio.

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