Major Focus Areas for Security Management at a Car Dealership

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Do you own a car dealership? If yes, then a few things take precedence in terms of running your business as they are essential for achieving customer satisfaction and maintaining profit margins. So, while you are concerned about vehicle and vehicle parts security, make sure that your employees and customers are also given equal importance—they need attention too.

The first thing you need to do if you are considering having a video surveillance system installed at your car dealership is to arrange some basic information—what is the current rate of crime including with the shrinkage due to employee theft. Know the rate of customers who leave the place without being helped. Do you know how long they have been waiting before being greeted by a salesperson? All these baseline information will gradually help you track how well your new system is performing for your need.

Video Surveillance for Security Management at a Car Dealership

Today, we will discuss about the main aspect of car dealership monitoring.

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Vehicle – Vehicles comprise up to millions of dollars worth of inventory outside and vulnerable to theft on your lot. It is obvious that these need to be monitored. Installation of security camera system is important so that you can monitor the whole lot, inside the showroom, inside service area, etc. A security Camera expert like dvrunlimited can help you in the installation. Cameras that monitor the lots need to be vandal and weather proof.

Part and inventory – Every business has to trust their employees and its good that you also have a great deal of trust on them, but prevalence of video camera system in retail counters, stock rooms and other places where you store most of your stock especially the valuable metals—protect you against shrinkage.

Other useful advantages: it’s a preventive measure against the prospective shoplifters; help capture burglars through camera footage.

Employee – Although the employees are already alluded above, but it would be good if you monitor other employees as well. Watch the service area to ensure highest efficiency with regards to the employees working here, the service technicians. If they are following all safety standards and how the other service staff dealing with customers, etc. There’s lot you can achieve with video surveillance.

Customers – This is one of the important categories that I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With an intelligent video analytics and software you can easily measure number of customer viewed a particular car, what section of the lot is more popular among the customer and what is not, total number of customers visited the showroom in an entire day, and more. Studying these trends will help you determine employee as well as the vehicle placement.

While installing video surveillance in conjunction with an audio system a stern warning can be issued to those who may have ill intent after hours.

Deliveries – If your security system is placed properly pointed at some specific area; you can receive remote video monitoring ensuring delivery happened at its due time and all the merchandise was exchanged at the time of delivery.

While a security camera system can do a lot for a car dealership but it should not be taken as end-all be-all. Always use a video surveillance system in conjunction with personnel and other possible security functions such as an alarm system. When a security system is conjunct with personnel and other security equipments they can be used to send an alert to a guard’s mobile device and a guard can be deployed to the incident.

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