GPS Based Surveillance Cameras offer Unique Solution for Monitoring Moving Vehicle


Taxi offers an easy and speedy way to reach our destination. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers meet passengers or travelers who usually have hidden motives or bad character that often leads to having a fight or other serious incidents. These incidents offer occur when a passenger is:

  • Not willing to pay the fare after taking the ride
  • Attempting robbery of the taxi
  • Irritated by something and starts a verbal assault
  • Heavily drunk

Taxi theft and assaults have rapidly increased in recent time. Installation of surveillance cameras can help to keep taxi drivers and passengers alike safer by recording their ride.

Protection – Unfortunately, cabbies or taxi drivers are frequently in defenseless position. Taxi drivers have to trust or assume that their passengers during their ride will behave well. Security cameras can help control the passengers from acting out of line as he will be well-aware that his movements & talks are being recorded.

Taxi Surveillance Cameras - Black Box
HD Security Black Box for vehicle

Assaults – Conflicts between cab driver and passengers happen and at times it leads to either physical or verbal assault. Having visible surveillance cameras in the cab can let passengers think twice before acting afoul or lashing out.

Theft – A cabbie is very well aware of the robbery or theft associated with driving a cab. Security cameras can help preclude pilfering attempts just by being present. Passengers in a pursuit to rob the taxi driver will think twice knowing that their activities will be documented.

Taxi driver monitoring – Many drivers themselves can go and do get out of line. Taxi security cameras can reduce incidents where driver usually goes out of line and helps to ensure that they perform their duties professionally.

Evidence in the court of law – The recording and documentation of all taxi rides can act as strong evidence to crime investigation detective in the event violent conflicts or robberies takes place.

Risks Associated with Taxicam

Do not hide rather properly display and even tell riders that you have installed cab surveillance cameras and they are being recorded. It works well with the privacy concerns. Publicizing on-board security camera surveillance can also be a great deterrence against the possible theft, assaults and other criminal activities.

Key Considerations of a Taxicab Security Camera

Dvrunlimited suggest you to give enough consideration to the following things while you are looking for a CCTV camera system for your taxicab service.

  • Do you or your cab-drivers feel safe while they drive?
  • Is criminal activity, assault and violence a common occurrence within your area?
  • Have you ever witnessed incidents of theft, violence and crime in the cabs?
  • Does drunk or intoxicated travelers are common?
  • Do your taxies commute into neighborhoods with increased crime rates?

How to Install a Taxi Cam Surveillance?

  • Consider cameras that work well in low-light so that activities during night shifts can also be recorded.
  • Place the camera in a way that the driver and passengers both can be recorded.
  • A camera near the rear view mirror cover entire inside view of the cab
  • External cameras may also be considered to record on road activities during the drive
  • A surveillance camera with in-built GPS is an ideal choice for a cab service. It helps you monitor your taxi cab drivers.

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