Safer transportation environment and business efficiency with ACTi Mobile Vehicle Solution


Safer transportation environment and business efficiency with ACTi Mobile Vehicle Solution

Today, Mobile Security has become much more significant for many reasons. Passengers, drivers, fleet operators and managers are each looking for a means to increase personnel and passenger safety on the road, protection against false accusations or insurance scams, and cargo security.

ACTi’s Mobile Vehicle Solution is designed for use in environments such as:

Passengers are very concerned about their safety when taking public transportation due to incidents such as pick pocketing and theft, sexual harassment or public disputes which are often seen. Drivers need evidence that can explain and clarify incidents or collisions, in addition to the safety of their passengers and vehicle.

ACTi Mobile Vehicle solution can provide:

  • Active monitoring and displaying live feed in-vehicle to deter criminal activity
  • Personal attack alarm to alert control center upon the incidents
  • Two-way communication with control center
  • High resolution of recorded video evidence within vehicle and surroundings for incident report
Criminal Activities Incident Notification and Verification Recorded Video Evidence

With safer environment for both passengers and drivers, bus and coach fleets can drastically reduce insurance costs and increase in number of passengers.

To protect passengers, ensure driver’s accountability for their driving and behavior and also protect drivers against false claims and car collisions, installation of mobile vehicle security system can deliver:

  • Remote monitoring driver’s driving behavior while on the road.
  • Tracking the vehicle real-time location to ensure that passengers are on the right route and to enhance accuracy and efficiency of dispatch.
  • Recorded video evidence in case of vandalism, assault or other claims
    Driver’s Accountability GPS and E-map Integration


    Over the past decade the cost of cargo theft related crimes has risen dramatically. It is estimated that combined losses suffered by the trucking industry, insurance companies, and the railroads, surpasses $10 BILLION in the United States annually. To improve road safety, increase security for your valuable goods and enhance efficiency of goods delivery, ACTi solution ensures that:

    • Driver is protected and tracked with cameras
    • Valuable goods are monitored throughout the delivery, any attempt to open the door or package will be detected and alerted to control center
    • Goods are delivered to the right customer on schedule with GPS location tracking through Google Map
    Goods Delivery

    When a police car is on patrol, they can easily detect and identify a suspicious vehicle within short time. The surveillance system, with ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition), is able to read the license plate, and if the license plate of a car with outstanding warrant is detected, the system will automatically send and alert to help the officers chase and find the car.

    Automatic License Place Recognition

    In another case, police officers also face some accusations against their behaviors during the process of enforcing the law. Recorded video and audio from the incidents help to identify the individuals involved and clarify what actually took place.

    All new ACTi cameras for Mobile Vehicle applications

    With increasing demands for mobile vehicle applications in the market, ACTi offers the latest Mini Dome cameras to satisfy your security needs. E918, E920 and E922 come with high resolution image quality – 3/5/10 Megapixel respectively – to monitor drivers, passengers, cargos and surrounding environments. Clear image and recorded audio can be a key evidence against insurance claims or false accusations.

    These cameras are compliant with EN50155 standard, which means that they are tested to withstand various conditions such as EMC, shock, vibration and temperature fluctuations. Their small size and vibration proof capability make them ideal for mobile applications and places subject to heavy vibrations such as automobiles, buses, trains and heavy duty machinery.

    ACTi offers both cameras with rugged RJ-45 connector and with M12 connector. For mobile vehicle applications, the rugged RJ-45 connection has to be made fully vibration proof so that it could be equal to the industrial M12 connector in terms of durability.

    For wider view coverage, you may also consider our Mini Fisheye Dome cameras with 3-Megapixel, 5-Megapixel and 10-Megapixel resolution.

    For Mobile Vehicle and Train Applications

    Mini Domes

    Mini Fisheye Domes
    Model E918 E920 E922 E918M E920M E922M E919 E921 E923 E919M E921M E923M
    Connector RJ-45 M12 RJ-45 M12 RJ-45 M12 RJ-45 M12 RJ-45 M12 RJ-45 M12
    Resolution 3MP 5MP 10MP 3MP 5MP 10MP
    Horizontal Viewing Angle 126.4° 126.9° 101.4° 180°
    Audio 1-way (Mic-in, Line-in)
    Local Storage MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC memory card slot
    Environmental Casing IP68, IK10, Vibration Proof (EN50155)

    See below videos to get a glance of these cameras’ incredible video quality:

    ACTi Products Consolidation Announcement
    This announcement outlines the ACTi products that will be discontinued, as well as the relevant replacement products. The product types covered by this announcement are listed as below.Note:
    EOL date means the Clearance starts till sold out.
    EOL date means Clearance Starts until the product is sold out. If the EOL model is sold out before Clearance Ends, there will be no more production for this model; that is, please select our replacement model.

    For replacement models:

    Type Model EOL Date (Clearance Starts) Clearance Ends Replacement Model
    Camera E81 2014/7/15 2014/10/13 E81A
    E32 2014/8/5 2014/11/3 E32A
    Accessories PDCX-0001 2014/7/28 2014/7/28 N/A
    PDCX-0103 2014/7/28 2014/7/28 N/A
    PMAX-0308 2014/7/28 2014/7/28 N/A
    APP-2000 2014/7/22 2014/7/22 N/A
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