HDCVI Balun Camera signal by UTP cable 720P up to 400meters and 1080P up to 200meters.

Here  I would like to write u  as kindly remind u about the HDCVI Balun , the product we newly released.  I hope u can pay attention to this products, since it is a kind of new balun follow  up Dahua’ HDCVI camera. it can support HDCVI Camera signal by UTP cable 720P up to 400meters and 1080P up to 200meters.
Now HDCVI Camera is selling very well, I guess u need this product. since the traditional video balun cannot support 720P&1080P signal of HDCVI camera. it at most only can transfer 720P up to 100meters.  if u r starting selling this HDCVI camera,u kindof need this HDCVI balun to develop the market. please see belows and attached file is the newsletter&Pic.for this HDCVI balun .
 we develop a up-to-date HDCVI balun to help you occupy the market rapidly. Yes I know we are the first one to do this balun.
NEW! HDCVI Video Transceiver 
Compatible with Dahua HDCVI signal 
Transimssion signal: 720 P/1080P
Cable: CAT 5/5e/6
Transimssion distance up to 400M with passive transceiver for 720P Signal
Transimssion distance up to 200M with passive transceiver for 1080P Signal
No power required
Built-in surge& transient protection
Super interference rejection
Dear Sir i want to send u the HDCVI balun samples to u for testing if u need. Could u please let me know  if u r interested? I really want u pay attention to this products to follow up the change of camera market.