How Important Is Video Surveillance for Hospital


Hospital is a place that deals with intensely personal moments, they look like a shopping mall and function like a factory. Construction or remodeling work is always going on: new room, doctor’s office or clinics are built each month. Staff members, patients, records at these facilities need a high level of security. Hospitals usually have multiple of door entry, many of which need close monitoring and strict access control. Protecting these places is vital and dvrunlimited can provide the solution to fit the varied needs of a medical facility.

In healthcare facilities and hospitals, video surveillance can be an effective tool to increase security and control cost. Surveillance cameras can work to protect both the patient and hospital employees from security breaches. They can also be used as visual evidence to prevent dishonest claims and increase productivity. The more advanced IP video technology in a video surveillance system offers hospitals and other industries with flexibility, while at the same time providing benefits such as effective storage capabilities and video monitoring.

What Benefits a Video Surveillance Offers

IP Cameras -  Hospital Industry
Fixed IP Dome Security Camera

Add to overall safety and security – Security cameras installed at every place that need some sort of vigilance help to prevent break-ins and crimes and allow operators keep an eye on troubled patients and check for unauthorized visitors in restricted areas.

Improve productivity – Surveillance cameras installed on the premises improves communication between various hospital department or buildings and thus boost productivity.

Live camera view – Real time monitoring is the biggest advantage of video surveillance. You can track critical areas continuously, all the time.

Digital storage – Healthcare facilities that choose IP cameras over analog cameras get advantage of the benefits of digital storage. With IP systems you can store recorded footage digitally on a hard-drive, NVR or a network server, and all the authorized users can easily access surveillance video.

Provide lawful evidence – Surveillance cameras can be very useful during an investigation of a criminal activity. Videos with time stamps and watermarks can work as lawful evidence against criminal activity.

Hospitals Need To Apply Safety Measures at Every Step

If you have installed cameras in the four-bed post operative intensive care unit, it will help you monitor small but very important measures such as, if staffs are properly sanitized their hands before they dress a wound, insert or remove intravenous lines and give medication. Cameras will also help you keep an eye on how often staff moves those patients who are immobile or those who are on ventilator, you may also check if they used the right technique.

Do Not Miss Out On a Single Step

In the healthcare industry it becomes vital to follow every step in the ‘care bundle’. It provides the best outcome for the patient and enhances their safety. But if by mistake or otherwise start to miss a step or cut corners, evidences demonstrate that patients are likely to come to harm.

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