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Safety is an essential element of a school bus. With increased violence and parental concerns, school bus video surveillance is more commonly seen. School officials are held accountable by the parents to ensure safety and security of the student inside the bus, and video surveillance system can be the perfect way to achieve you children’s safety & security in the bus.

School officials would agree that school bus management has never been something easy. In today’s environment of gang violence and terrorist threats, there is a need to look for a way to assure safety and security of the students inside the bus. Video surveillance cameras on school bus seem like a logical step towards safeguarding its daily commuters, the students. Dvrunlimited suggest a camera system with multi-channel DVR to record multiple camera views including the entrance, exit and inside and outside view. Video surveillance is versatile these days. It gives the user the advantage of audio, GPS location identifier, real time information regarding the breaking, safety signal activation, bus’s speed and more.

school bus video surveillance
EyeBall Camera

Video Surveillance with Impact Sensors

The impact sensors in modern age security cameras can start recording robotically in the case of an incident. They give you date and time stamp on images, very useful at the time of investigation. Buses have panic buttons, and whenever someone hits the button it get marked in the recorder, making it easier to find the incident. Recording of the audio is seen as privacy intrusion, so use it with caution.

Benefits with School Bus Surveillance

Children are rambunctious and enthusiastic and many a times it is very difficult to control them inside the bus. Video surveillance works as watchful eyes and restrict children override the safety rules of the bus.

There is a special set of traffic guidelines for regular motorist and school bus drivers, for example, when school bus is boarding riders the other motorists must stop, buses must stop at railroad crossing, regardless the barriers are down or not. Cameras installed outside the buses can be great help identifying drivers with dangerous driver behavior or motorists who illegally pass buses.

License plate technology can be a valuable assistance to school bus drivers. Instead of memorizing or reading the car’s tag from the surveillance footage, where ‘O’ is always confused with zero a video analytic programmed to read the car license plate number make the job much easier.

Installation Tips:

  • Cameras placed inside the bus should be angled in a way that every seat is covered under the camera’s vision. It might take more than one camera, depending on bus’ layout.
  • Cameras aiming the outside view can be installed to cover bus blind spots and the rear.

Final Words

Video surveillance does not stop with installation; they must be periodically adjusted and maintained. If installed and maintained properly they can be a great tool to ensure students’ safety, deter vandalism and prevent discipline problems.

School officials can discuss their bus surveillance needs to dvrunlimited, the security camera experts. You may also send a query online and we will get back to you at earliest time possible.