Low Cost DIY Video Surveillance Options for Homeowners


According to reports, a home break-in or home burglary take place in every 13 seconds. The trend is quite disturbing and thus more and more homeowners are opting pro-active approach to protect their home and belongings. Some are turning to professional video surveillance companies that offer round the clock monitoring service while others look for more economical options.

Good news to homeowners–surveillance equipment manufacturers are now serving the needs of average homeowners. And, with increased popularity and huge demand of the surveillance equipment, the normal price has come down to a great extent, but they are still quite pricey to many households. Budget minded buyers should not be disappointed as there are a few options available in the market. Make use of internet, it will most likely provide you with so much options for surveillance equipment. However, you may try some DIY methods as well.

DIY Surveillance Alternatives

Low Cost Video Surveillance Options
IR Dome Camera

DIY is the most budget friendly option you can have. To make your own video surveillance system at home, under a budget, all you need is a camcorder, some monitors and video feed wire. Rummaging through a refurbish or resale store may come in handy at situation like this. With little technical know-how, you can create your own and budget friendly surveillance system at home. For example, an old style, outdated camcorder, which is of course in working condition can do lot to safeguard your home and belongings. You can try your luck at garage sales as these old models have been completely replaced with smaller and smarter current models.

I agree that some sizes are quite challenging to mount, however they can be used and make a great, inexpensive option. It can be a great deterrent because intruders can’t help but notice. Mount the camcorder at a suitable place and then connect it with computer monitor or TV set using video feed wire and it’s done –an affordable video surveillance is ready to cater your need.

Webcam as Surveillance Equipment

Many folks are more creative and have discovered handheld devices and their home computers as great surveillance equipment. Spending a little on a webcam and some monitoring software can also get you on your way to home surveillance system. Webcam starts from as low as $10 and monitoring software varies as per the computer requirements.

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