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Security is a big challenge at condos and apartment buildings, since they have a common entrance; it provides easy access points to intruder. Criminals have a tendency to keep an eye on a potential target for a considerable time before breaking–in, confirming things like residents’ work schedules, ebb and flow of traffic and possible entry options.

Buildings Are Vulnerable To Security Breaches

Apartment complexes, condominiums and other buildings that have multiple residential homes are even more vulnerable to security violation than stand-alone homes. These residential buildings always have high traffic from the residents and visitors which emphasis the need for more stern control of exits and entrances. Outsiders (may be criminals) can pose as guests/visitors or even residents. The larger the area, the more susceptible it is to false entry. A well designed video surveillance system can foster a safe living environment for its residents.

Video Surveillance for Apartment Building
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Keep a Watch on Your Building from Your Laptop or Phone

Security cameras at entrances such as parking structure and main door will easily capture images of the criminal or intruder who attempts to break-in. Building associations can deploy cameras at all doors and monitor the area 24/7 for intrusion. These cameras provide you the facility to monitor the area remotely; you can keep an eye on your building no matter wherever you go. Surveillance cameras can help you detect any suspicious activity and criminals may be caught red handed or even before committing crimes. Clearly visible cameras also work as deterrent, thieves and people with criminal thinking will be scared making any attempt of robbery or theft in the building.

Security Camera Setup Advice for Apartment Building

  • Give priority to the public areas like building entrances, mail room, parking lot, and laundry area.
  • An apartment building might need expansion later on—an IP camera system facilitate re-arrangements and easy expansion of the system should you need later.
  • Cover the cameras with protective housings.
  • Install a few cameras in admin-areas, especially if you receive rants on-site.

Regular Maintenance to Ensure Optimal Surveillance

Security systems need regular maintenance to ensure that they are working properly. Choosing to have it done by a professional will ensure uninterrupted surveillance all the time and may improved functionality of the overall system. Just like a regular check-up of your health, security system maintenance is essential to achieve optimal surveillance.

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