Video Surveillance Is No Longer a Luxury but a Necessity for a Farm


CCTV or closed circuit television systems were first introduced in 1942 and since then they are on their runway of success. They have proved their worth over time and become a popular choice for most large as well as small businesses, and particularly those wishing to enhance their business’ security. CCTV system combines a monitor and recording equipment. Widely in use by retail stores, farm owners, small businesses and institutions, CCTV systems have become an important addition to any business or location that needs surveillance and security protection.

CCTV Systems for Farm Security

Farming industry has long been a back bone to local economies and revenue worldwide – Delivering many job opportunities in the wider economy as a result of direct farming jobs and revenue that are derived from the indirect sources that are the positive outcome of its successful endeavors. Thriving farming industry is a result of planning, maintaining, and purchasing of high cost equipment and it is easy to understand why CCTV has been in particular security consideration for small and large working farms.

Video Surveillance for Farm Security
Super HAD II CCD IR Bullet Camera

Benefits CCTV System Offers to Modern Farming

Video Surveillance in modern farming is used in wider applications:

  • Commercial management and security application of modern farming.
  • Protecting and managing personnel.
  • They help monitor and ensure that the appropriate and correct actions are being undertaken by the workers in order to comply with the safety and health legislation (Very important if you are involved in to production of food).
  • Dealing with the issues around time keeping, working hours, conduct and so forth.
  • Enables farm owners or managers to protect farm assets 24/7 in a way that would otherwise prove much costly.
  • Protect livestock which are increasingly prone to theft.
  • Keeping an eye on your livestock during the birthing and lambing season.

How Video surveillance or CCTV System Can Prove Beneficial to Small Farms?

Like the big farms smaller farms can also benefit from the installation of the video surveillance system for all the same reasons discussed above. No matter if the CCTV system is intended to use in larger farms that have yearly huge production or a small family farm that provides the family bread and butter, CCTV is an ideal choice to provide security along with peace of mind.

Final Words

Whatever surveillance equipment you install or whatever planning you go through, ultimately it should help you with management and provide you peace of mind which is the core issue behind all these arrangements.

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