Prevent Vehicle Break-ins Using Video Surveillance in Parking Lots


With an endless number of vehicles coming in and going out of parking lots, it becomes imperative to keep tabs on each vehicle to provide a safe surrounding for everyone, especially in those areas where parking lots are vulnerable to frequent criminal activity. Installing surveillance cameras within the confines of a parking lot can greatly enhance security and nurture safe environment.

Video Surveillance for a Parking Lot

A video surveillance system meant to organize a video control of a parking lot with all its hardware and software complexes can be the answer. A video surveillance system can resolve multiple of task such as:

  • Real time counting of free parking places and parked transport vehicles
  • Statistics gathering
  • Monitoring of the place while also ensuring security and territorial control

    Video Surveillance for Parking Lot
    IR Night Vision Camera

The main advantage of a video surveillance system in comparison with the traditional and in-effective systems is the simplicity in putting in place of the system and its maintenance. With video surveillance you do not need to install additional systems like a special sensor, instead it makes use of the one of the cameras above the parking lot. This approach is very cost effective and facilitates the implementation of system at busy parking lots. It also helps in the configuration of the parking by interactive customization of areas map using the images from the cameras installed.

How they Help Reduce Crime in Parking Facilities?

For thieves parking lots are like an open access gold mines—umpteen number of vehicles and other personal property they can anytime pick. Parking lots are also a favorite place of drug dealers to conduct transactions. Visible video cameras provide biggest aid in the management of a parking lot–they help deter criminals and thieves and also help law enforcement in identifying criminal. These camera systems also prevent theft of store property such as outdoor displays, landscaping, tables and chairs, etc.

How It Helps With The Traffic System?

Parking systems usually operates together with traffic systems that are placed at the entry and exit points of a parking lot. These traffic systems provide help with following additional functions:

  • Identification of a vehicle entering or existing to the lot, according to the class and color etc
  • Identification through license plate recognition

Components of a Parking lot video surveillance

  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Traffic computer module
  • Parking computer module
  • Video data archive
  • APM of monitoring

Get an Affordable Video Surveillance System

Contact DVR Unlimited if you need more information on a video surveillance system of a parking lot. Speak to one of our security camera expert to know how it can be beneficial in terms of money and better business operations. We will carefully evaluate each and every aspect including your specific budget to determine the best possible security solution to secure the parking facility of your business.