Video Surveillance Offers Safe Operating Environment for Pharmacy


Pharmacy theft and robbery are serious issues fueled by increasing abuse of prescription drugs and their high price. There are certain areas of concern when it comes to pharmacy security. The intent of this article is to highlight those problem areas and find out potential solutions that pharmacists may consider addressing those concerns.

To protect expensive controlled stock, constant foot traffic and high demand, drugstores are an ideal place for security cameras.

Pharmacy Security Camera Benefits

Deterrent – Video surveillance system covering the stock and pharmacy will also help keep the customer and staff safe. These camera systems help document any criminal activity and discourage criminals from attempting a felony.

Video Surveillance for Pharmacy
1.3 Mega Pixels Camera

Protect Controlled Substances – Pharmacies have to face the biggest problem of employee and customer theft—this does not only affect the stock availability and management but also influence to drive up the price. Higher stock price hurts both the customer as well as the pharmacy. A camera system can prevent stock theft and help identify the person who tries to steal the controlled substances.

Integrated Security System – Pharmacies are usually a part of other larger store (Whether it is a grocery store, a discount store, supermarket, warehouse, etc.). Pharmacies can either use their own video surveillance system or integrate with the larger store’s security system. When you integrate with the larger video surveillance system you have multiple eyes monitoring your drugstore.

Use of High Definition Video Surveillance– The new HD technology has made the camera system more effective security tool than ever. Better resolution compared to the analog cameras offer image quality that come in handy with prosecution and recognizing criminals. These IP cameras also enable you to monitor your pharmacy store from any remote location over a laptop, tablet or phone with internet access.

Identify Your Specific Need

Drugstores or pharmacies can have different security needs. Security concerns may differ on variety of factors. DVR Unlimited suggests that you consider our following recommendations while installing a security camera system at your drugstore.

  • Do you own a drugstore that is freestanding or are you a part of a larger store?
  • What do you offer—a drive-through pickup lane or walk-up counter?
  • What is your biggest security threat?
  • Do you already have a security system in place?
  • Have you encountered a security problem in the past?

Patrons’ Privacy Is Your Moral Responsibility

Today we have discussed security solutions to offer safe operating environment for drugstore employees and patrons and lower the possibilities for adverse events. While it’s a matter of prescription drugs and medical records you need to take into account the privacy and confidential nature of the business. It’s vital to respect the privacy of your customer by employing cameras away from those areas that may record sensitive and private information about the patients, their health problem and medicine they are prescribed.

Setup Advice from DVR Unlimited

Install surveillance cameras so that you can record activities of the customers at; register, counter and drive through, storage areas, garbage stations and medical supply rooms and so on. DVR Unlimited understands that execution of some of the recommendation may be not possible for some drugstores; all drugstores are suggested to execute as many best practices as they can manage.