Video Surveillance to Protect Bank Staff, Customers and Assets


Identity theft, Identity fraud and other criminal offence are the biggest concerns at banks and other financial institutions. On premises holdups and identity theft are some of the prominent things that strike to our minds when we think about threats, but petty criminal activities often are more frequent and can have a considerable impact on banks reputation as well as on its bottom line. Here is one such example, a teller left his desk for a short span of time, leaving a small queue of customers to wait for their number. Suddenly, one of them stepped forward and grabbed a few new credit cards ready to be mailed out to the customers. And then he stepped back to his place as nothing has happened. The incident also remained unnoticed to the fellow patrons.

Video Surveillance to Combat Criminal Threats

The use of video surveillance system is a crucial tactic for combating such criminal threats, but to get best out of a video surveillance–it must be employed in concurrence with other safety measures such as information sharing with authorities, supplementary technology, and widespread consumer and employee education.

Video Surveillance to Protect Bank Staff, Customers and Assets
IP Dome Camera-HD Video Output

Factors That Determine Effectiveness of a Video Surveillance System

Typically, video quality is not an issue these days as technology has advanced a lot and high-grade cameras with a comprehensive video management provide high quality images. These security camera systems offer several benefits to banks and other financial institutions. According to DVR Unlimited, the efficiency of a video surveillance is dependent on two important variables:

  • The method in which the camera systems are integrated with other security systems to provide useful information
  • The way in which the bank’s security staff responds to that information

Flexibility That Contributes to Overall Performance

Video surveillance offers greater flexibility as they can be customized for specific business need and security objectives. You can integrate the system with panic buttons and intruder alarm system. Whenever either of the alarm is pressed, the system will send instructions to cameras to automatically come into action and start recording as well as saving the images from a per-set amount of time before someone hit the alarm. Those footage are stored both centrally and locally. A video surveillance system with graphical user interface can also be tailored with the graphic interface of the existing burglar alarm system. Even when you employ additional features to the video surveillance system it still remains very user friendly contributing to overall effectiveness of a complete system.

Information Sharing With IP Camera System

Ultimately, the effectiveness of the video surveillance system summarize to the way in which the stored information is addressed and spread. Information collected with different systems in place such as burglar alarm, ATM cameras, panic buttons, and video surveillance and so on—must be filtered well so that it can easily be shared with the members of the internal security staff as well as with the police or the members of the law enforcement. DVR Unlimited gives emphasis on sharing the information with police quickly and easily to greatly enhance the success rate.