Traffic Cameras Ensure Excellent Sense of Security on Road


Traffic cameras provides one of the most innovative and functional uses of modern video surveillance technology. Traffic cameras come in several different types to serve different purposes. Some cameras are meant to capture  patterns and density of the traffic at a particular time. Others are meant to be placed in locations where traffic infractions are very common and these traffic cameras capture these incidents and record all the details for punitive purposes.

Types of Traffic Cameras

Traffic monitoring cameras – Traffic cameras for monitoring purposes are placed in the areas of congestion, complex intersections, and places with weather hazards. These cameras are installed on a pole usually at the height of 30 feet or more. They are digital cameras and transmit low resolution pictures. At various locations camera footage are displayed for public review of traffic condition.

Traffic Cameras to Monitor Traffic
Traffic Cameras

Although these cameras do not record license plate, other distinguishing characteristics such as make, model and color of the vehicle are easily recognized.

Red-light cameras – These are specific cameras to identify drivers who intentionally ignore traffic rules. Red-light cameras become active when traffic light is red. They take the picture of either the license plate of the vehicle or the face of the driver that overlooks the red light or fail to follow traffic rules. Then the taken picture is sent to computer database to find the match. And then, a ticket is automatically sent to the driver at his address and an alert to the authorities.

These cameras can be so small that it does not come into the notice of a driver. Red-light cameras can be installed on top or below the traffic light or in the traffic light itself. You can be more creative and install these cameras on another object—on a nearby building, in bushes. They can also be placed in a way to that driver can see them, which help prevent drivers from breaking the law.

Punitive cameras– These cameras are used basically be the law enforcement agencies to automatically generate ticket and fine the motorist that is disregarding the system and breaking the rules.

These cameras come into action when a special event occurs, such as the vehicle is clocked at excessive speed or a driver entering an intersection when signals are red. Recorded data then sent to the law enforcement agency electronically for further processing.

Traffic Cameras to Manage & Support the Traffic System

Traffic cameras are often in news. Their footage is shown during traffic reports on television news. They are placed on top of the traffic signals or along side of a busy road, intersections or the freeway. Whether they’re monitoring traffic, issuing tickets for traffic violations or recording traffic pattern for future observation, Traffic cameras are and will remain the most popular form of video surveillance.

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