Onboard Video Surveillance for Larger Public Transportation System


With a growing trend of mass transit systems across various cities, budget conscious people are discovering a more cost-effective and competent way of commute—public transport, particularly buses. This increase in daily commuters has led to a larger need for security for traveler and the driver and conductor on public transportation system. And the result is—there is a greater demand for video surveillance on public transportation like buses. IP camera system based video surveillance provides the solution to the transport authorities meet their surveillance objective.

Advantages of an Onboard Video Surveillance

  • Bus drivers ride a bus having a faith in their passengers that they will act appropriately during the ride. But, unfortunately this is not true in every case. There may be a few or one passenger who refuses to follow the guideline or may misbehave to his or her co-passenger or bus driver. The existence of onboard security cameras come in handy in situation like these and help in deterring and inquiring aggressive outbursts and inappropriate behavior directed towards drivers.

    Onboard video surveillance for blic Transportation System
    Public Transportation System
  • Onboard video surveillance keep an eye on bus activities, and act as defensive tool against incidents of theft between riders.
  • Every day there are new passengers commuting through the bus—their unpredictable nature may at times lead to violent incidents. These violent incidents can start from a simple argument between riders, or commuters under the influence of intoxicated drugs or alcohol. Security cameras can record for such sleazy behavior; enabling operators to send an alert to higher authorities should a violent incident occur.
  • It is much easier with the use of second set of eyes like security camera to enforce rules and regulation inside the bus. When there is a sign that mention the presence of video surveillance it is more likely that commuters will behave sober, follow all the rules, and pay exact bus fares.
  • City buses goes under various false liability claims and law suits, such as those that involve a commuter claiming he or she slipped from the bus and broke leg. When entire activities are recorded inside the bus things will all be seen on camera footage and protect city bus authorities from false claiming.
  • Onboard video surveillance gives assurance to both the bus authority and the commuters that the transportation system is safe one. System has taken full responsibility and employing every effort possible to provide high level of security.

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