How Cloud Computing Empowers Surveillance Industry?


The popularity of the cloud computing has been utilized in the video surveillance sector in a strong and noticeable way. Many big and small urban surveillance infrastructures whether they belong to public sphere and private homes strongly rely on the cloud system for their day-to-day operations. Understanding the technology behind the cloud computing can help a business or home owner select upon the public, private and hybrid cloud systems that can be integrated to help meet the surveillance and security needs.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a model that facilitate the user to share a group of configurable computing resources for omnipresent, convenient and on-demand network access wherever there is an internet connection available. Earlier, it was only one stationary computer or a single business network form where people can access their files and information. However, since cloud computing took over the business landscape, people are no longer restricted to single machine for their interaction and online needs.

How Cloud Computing Empowers Surveillance Industry
Video Surveillance

The Essential Characteristics of Cloud Applicable To Security Industry

Broad network access – The biggest advantage of a cloud network is that it can be accessed through multiple platforms, like, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, workstations, desktop computers or more. This makes you functional at a number of different situations including checking camera footage while on vacation.

Resource pooling – When data is pooled over the cloud, multiple users can access the resource over their shared cloud network with a sense of location independence. Resource pooling disqualifies the physical barriers of surveillance like present location of the user and area being monitored.

On-demand service – Using cloud services a user is able to manage various computing capabilities according to his or her need and preferences. Some of these capabilities can be server time and network storage.

Private or hybrid models – Private clouds are meant for exclusive use, where access is limited to a single business or one user, who alone is able to use and manage resources. While the hybrid model or public clouds are created keeping in mind multiple users and business and access is decided by the original authority. Both these models are applicable to video surveillance systems allowing access to local authorities or keeping it private to you.

Significance of Cloud for Video Surveillance

With time, cloud computing is becoming more and more affordable & secure and its place in security industry is growing in similar pace. In the past, video tapes were submitted for review to the law enforcement officials once the incident is occurred. However, the scenario has changed completely now a days. Today, it is possible to immediately provide accesses to the authorities as the incident unfolds. Users have the facility to provide access via third party permission or provide personal log-in information to the authority to allow them to view the camera footage. It is not difficult to understand its significance as when the officials have ability to view break-ins, crimes, and assaults as they happen, they know it prior what is exactly happening in the situation and what could be the best way to approach.

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