Top Five Locations to Install Home Security Cameras for Better Surveillance


When it comes to the security of your loved ones; trust no one but your instincts. First ask yourself, where you need security camera? What spots of your property are vulnerable to theft? Does your house have doors and window at odd locations? Does this house have a history of break-ins? No one knows your home better than you, so you are uniquely qualified to assess how to protect it and keep it safe from intrusion.

Once the location is finalized for the security camera, next you have to decide whether you want to use them as deterrent, installing them at open place where thieves can see them, or you want to keep them out of reach and hide them to always catch the thief on video. DVR Unlimited suggests you to use a hybrid method—install the real CCTV cameras out of reach and if possible out of sight and use dummy cameras as deterrent. These dummy cameras look completely authentic. Use of these cameras can be quite useful—if a burglar does break one of these cameras, the act will be captured in real cameras.

Home Security Cameras
Dummy Dome Camera with Blinking Red LED

The Five Best Spots for Home Security Cameras

Front door – Burglars use front door to enter in a home, so make sure that one of your surveillance cameras train towards the front door. Place it at a height–second floor would be an ideal location. If your home doesn’t have a second level, consider covering your front door camera with mesh wiring to guard it from sticks, errant rocks, or other such weapons. You also have a choice of a high tech peephole as front door camera to see who is at the door before opening.

Back door – Back door has the second perseverance for entry, so place a camera here, too. Count the side doors as back doors for the sake of statistics and install security cameras at each entry door. Again, make all possible efforts to protect cameras form projectiles.

Off-street windows – Burglars may use your home’s rear window. Window that is not quite visible from the street, provide them privacy to do the deed without being caught up. Train a camera on any window of your home that remain hidden and cannot be viewed from the street.

Backyard – Crooks love a good backyard, not to relax but to pick expensive garden equipments, things installed for recreational purpose and kid’s toys. Protect your backyard with a night vision security camera and motion-sensor floodlights.

Basement – Basements have access doors and if not a door then at least a small window will surely be there to crawl through. A good location for your security camera could be the stairs that leading up from the basement to your house. Add a motion sensor alarm to double tight on the security front.

DVR Unlimited is here for rescue!

At DVR Unlimited we understand that drilling holes through the walls and jumping between the mess of video and power cables of a security camera system can be a daunting task for a layman. We have been dealing in the video surveillance system for more than fourteen years and now we are confident enough to deal with any complex situation or difficulties of a location. Call us at – 1-888-233-4566 to set an appointment for your specific surveillance system needs.