Video Surveillance System to Monitor Manufacturing & Factory Sites


Manufacturing units or factories can largely benefit from the security a video surveillance system offers. Raw materials like lumber, steel and copper are always vulnerable to theft, and thieves are targeting manufacturing facilities and their storage at greater frequencies. A video surveillance system can safeguard a factory from possible theft as well as it can help protect your employees, building and material.

The use of an integrated surveillance and monitoring system including access control, CCTV and back to base monitoring guarantee that factories can offer a safe working environment by ensuring;

  • Premises of the manufacturing unit is safe and monitored 24/7
  • Unauthorized entries are identified and recorded
  • Owner or the higher authorities are notified immediately if a serious accident takes place inside the factory.

    Video Surveillance for Factories
    Vandalproof Dome
  • Malicious damages, for example graffiti is deterred, recorded and reported
  • Aggressive and inappropriate behavior of the staff is identified monitored and recorded
  • Potential insurance and OH&S claims are reviewed via CCTV system

Key Factors to Consider while Configuring Factory Video Surveillance System

Factories widely differ in types and manufacturing capabilities. Your factory’s security camera needs may vary from another factory in your area. They are dependent on variety of factors. Consider them well before installing a video surveillance system to your factory.

  • List down all those things that you wish you could have captured on a camera.
  • Do you need a video surveillance system for theft, mechanical failures or liability issues such as employee injuries, etc?
  • Does your factory produce any high demand product?
  • Does you factory currently have any security system in place?
  • Does you factory have a history of theft or burglaries?
  • What you really want to protect?
  • Does your factory produce one specific item or does it produce several different things in shifts?
  • Variety of products might require a more flexible video surveillance system

It Is Beneficial To Use Array of Security System

Every business has to deal with the challenge of theft of goods and property, but when goods are of greater value, it is more likely that business premises or its manufacturing unit will be aimed by the criminal groups. It is vital that businesses employ variety of security systems to deter burglars and prevent the possible loss. DVR Unlimited has wealth of experience to access and determine the most appropriate solution to safeguard your business premises. Our security system recommendation includes:

  • Access Control System to prevent unauthorized entry to sensitive manufacturing zone
  • Perimeter Systems Security to alert the personnel on site
  • Panic buttons to get security response to crisis situations on site
  • CCTV system to ensure monitoring and recording of an incident on site
  • Video verification for video transmission of an emergency situation
  • Security Alarm Systems to ensure after-hours security
  • Patrol Services or High Presence External and Internal Guard
  • Back to Base Monitoring

DVR Unlimited is a specialist security company. Call us at 1-888-233-4566, we can design, install and provide maintenance of a video surveillance system for your specific need.