Gadgets to Make Your Home More Secure Place to Live In


Gadgets to Make Your Home More Secure Place to Live In

You invested a lot of your hard earned money into your new apartment and now the only thing left is to make it feel like home, which does not complete until you are not sure that it is safe to live. To ensure your relaxed hours and total peach of mind, it is recommended that you collect some information on how to deter the evil minds. The following information may come in handy to do just that.

Memory Switch

Memory Switch memorizes your routine of turning the lights on and off and mimics the same for you when you are not there. People outside your house will not be able to guess that the home is alone and they might not take undue advantage of your absence.

Siren Padlock

Do you want to make a suspect burglar jump out of his skin? Why don’t you try a siren padlock that sounds alarm (the alarm sound reaches up to 100 decibels)? The alarm sound is as loud as an average car or house stereo at max volume.

Security Camera for home
HD-SDI Camera

Laser Tripwire

Have you ever given a thought on this effective home security device? It sets off an alarm that will help you keep the intruders at bay. A few laser tripwire systems also come with a photo feature that click and upload the photo of the intruder to the internet. It comes into action when an intruder has already entered into your home thus it’s a great backup security. But it would be better if we could keep the bad guys out in the first place

Doorstep Wedge Alarm

This alarm system is quite useful—it can keep you safe when you are at apartment or you are staying at some other place. What you have to do is to tuck the doorstep wedge alarm under the door or your home or wherever you are, and it will create a piercing sound of 125 decibels when moved.

Barking Dog Alarm

A system is based on motion sensor detector. As someone approaches the alarm starts off as a warning bark, which get louder and louder and if the intruder doesn’t leave. Before opting for Barking Dog Alarm make sure that your apartment building allows dogs. Nonetheless, the barking dog’s sound is enough to ward off many intruders.

Home Security Cameras

When you think of a foolproof home security, video surveillance system or security cameras are almost certainly one of the first gadgets that come to our mind. There are various options and since you are looking for a security gadget for an apartment you probably won’t prefer a wired security camera system. Go for a wireless option, but first decide how many cameras you need and at what locations (entry door, back door, window, etc). Also decide if you need surveillance system with motion detector or you don’t mind if it keep recording thing all the time.

You can contact DRV Unlimited if you need more information on home security cameras. We have a team of experts who can both design and install indoor and outdoor home surveillance cameras systems.