Video Surveillance System in a Layman’s Term


Video Surveillance System in a Layman’s Term

Days are gone when video surveillance systems were used only for commercial purposes. Home security cameras are a common phenomenon these days. Popularly known as CCTV (closed circuit television) system, a video surveillance system can monitor and record movements of people as well as surroundings where you feel lack of security. When they are installed for home security, their purpose is to protect lives and prevent burglaries and break-ins.

A Home Video Surveillance System Consists of…

Video Surveillance System

Monitors– These are used to present the video information captured by cameras placed strategically around various locations of the house or property. Monitors designed for CCTV system have better video resolution compared to the standard television receivers. The resolution of a colored CCTV monitor is around 500lines.

Cameras– Cameras are the most important feature of a video surveillance system. Placing them at some strategic location can help you capture the movement of unknown or suspicious person in your house. These cameras can be wired or wireless.

Coaxial Cabling – This allows the transmission. The video a security camera captures are transmitted to the monitor by the coaxial cabling.

Switchers – They are used to link various cameras to a single monitor. Advanced switchers facilitate you to control the camera view. As soon as it gets a signal it targets and locks that specific camera view.

As I said earlier camera is the most important of all components used in a video surveillance system, and it needs proper consideration at the time of buying such a system. DVR Unlimited suggests you a few questions that you may ask at the time of purchase.

  1. Number of cameras you need to monitor you effectively exterior as well as the interior of your house?
  2. Is it necessary to have both audio and visual inputs?
  3. What is effective, a wireless or hard-wired camera?
  4. Do I need a camera with black-and-white image or colored image?

Once the camera type is decided you need to identify some important locations for their installation. You may consider the following factors before installing cameras:

  • Remember that the farther you place, the more area is captured. However, it will hamper the image quality a little bit (you might not get a sharp image you would have a closer look)
  • Make sure there is no blind spot such as boundaries, trees, poles, etc.
  • Place the camera high enough so that it cannot be assessed easily to disallow unnecessary interfaces.

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These are all the vital information on a home video surveillance system for a layman or someone going to purchase it for the first time. Having this basic information will give you an edge over your final purchase. We are a security camera experts, and this is our small effort to make each of our customers aware with every possible fact of a video surveillance system. If you need more information or have some questions, you may send us your query by filling our query form that we have titled as “Drop us a line”. We will be more than happy to answer your request.