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There is usually one facility manager for an entire system, and since there is a need to be focused on the cost along with the need to take on more duties of the facility, a video surveillance system does not remain a luxury but becomes an essential. Facility manager has a lot to accomplish; they are responsible for security, maintenance and much more. A well planned video surveillance system can ensure OSHA compliance and help a facility manager to conduct training, life safety exercise along with the other managerial tasks.

What Benefits a Video Surveillance System offers?

  • Video surveillance facilitates you to keep a strict watch on the manufacturing and production process.
  • It helps you keep a check on the disgruntled ex-employees by giving you strict monitoring on the exits and entrance.

    Video Surveillance System for Facility Manager
    Outdoor High Speed Dome Camera
  • It reduces your liability on slip and fall cases. While a video surveillance system already in place you can prevent many of such cases to happen. Taking example from one such incident, disregard all those conditions from every other place to avoid any future mishap.
  • A facility manager can monitor the inventory and reduce shrinkage by controlling theft by visitors to the facility or theft by the existing staff. In fact, a camera in place is enough to deter such mischievous minds. A recorded footage can also be used as evidence at the time of prosecution.
  • Another sensitive area you can protect is parking lot that is more prone to vandalism, thefts and other such crimes.

Planning a Video Surveillance System to a Facility

The good thing is that you need not spend a lot on a video surveillance; it doesn’t have to be too expensive to protect your facility. In fact, IP/Megapixel systems that can provide clear images also have low overall cost of ownership. You will need fewer units in comparison to analog security to cover the same area. And, fortunately if you could finally catch the perpetrator due to a clear image of him or her performing the act, didn’t it all pay off? When high quality images are not that necessary, you may go for analog security as well. However, a security camera expert can better suggest you an ideal system for your need. Consult with them before installing one at your facility.

Key Points to Consider

Give a thought to low-light and vandal-resistant cameras for the exterior of your facility, especially if your facility is not manned 24-hours a day. Also look for a wide dynamic range feature in cameras if your facility has few areas where there is always a contrast of bright and dark lighting. For example, you need such a security camera in a large garage pointing at the loading dock doors. You might have noticed bright lights when doors open. A sudden beam of bright light can cause bleaching in a general security camera’s field of view.

Talk to a Security Integrator

So, if you happen to be a facility manager who is regularly taking on more and more responsibilities yet conscious about keeping costs lower, contact DVR Unlimited to discuss various options of video surveillance system to assist you in your day-to-day tasks.