Why You Should Choose HD-TVI Cameras for Your Next Surveillance Applications


Why Should You Choose HD-TVI Cameras for Your Next Surveillance Applications?

HD-TVI stands for High Definition Transport Video Interface. It’s a format of HD Analog technology that delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video at just no price compared to the price of IP.

Why Choose HD-TVI Cameras?

Among available HD solutions; compatibility, cost and distance of transmission are always problems for both users and manufacturers. In this context, HD-TVI has emerged as a new analog HD solution in the market. It is easy to install, more economical and works as a perfect solution for HD analog surveillance system. Additionally, HD-TVI supports longer cable runs compared to other HD analog format, transmits video with zero latencies and also provides compatibility advantages.

There are various reasons why you should choose HD-TVI technology. Let’s discuss a few here:

Easy Installation – Installation of an HD-TVI camera is as easy as a standard analog CCTV camera. No IP-networking is necessary. It’s quick to install as it does not require a complex network infrastructure. While you install, you will realize it’s much quicker than an IP video security system.


High Megapixel Images – HD images are required for forensic detailing and also for license plate identification and facial recognition. HD-TVI provides you all; you can zoom in on video for detailed forensic inspection or take high-resolution megapixel images for evidence. It solves all the purposes.

Longer Transmission – HD-TVI offers longest distance transmission over a coax or cable of inferior quality. These are ideal for longer distance installations transmitting HD video up to 1600′ over RG59 cabling.

Zero Latency – Watch video in real-time with zero latency. No transmission delays which are a problem with IP solutions. A live video means absolutely live without including any lag time. With HD-TVI cameras, you need not wait to watch an important video just because of the delay in transmission.

Lower Cost – HD-TVI is a cost effective solution. HD-TVI does not require expensive and complicated network infrastructure which are mandatory for megapixel IP solution. If you are looking for a cost-effective HD resolution security solution, nothing is better than HD-TVI.

Your extra set of eyes with improved vision quality

Security cameras work as an extra set of eyes and cover additional layers of security. They help you contain outbreaks that might have occurred. While you make a purchase, you need to be very sure about technology used in the surveillance system. HD-TVI can be a smart choice for home as well as for business purposes. No specific field is a challenge for HD-TVI Surveillance. Change your old analog cameras with TVI and get a brand new new1080p surveillance system installed in just no time.

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